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Read This Information First

Home Education Information for Families Considering Home Schooling Their Child

Home Education on the surface is a straightforward process that involves three steps.

First step file the required paperwork with my office by mail, fax, or hand carry. 311 1st Ave. East West Fargo, ND 58078, or fax to 701-356-2007 or scan and email to

  1. Statement of Intent to Home Educate: (turned in yearly)
    1. This form can also be completed online. Go to the website located at: Home Education / Overview (
  2. Parent qualifications – need a copy of your high school or college diploma or transcript
  3. * Child’s birth certificate (a copy will suffice)
  4. * Child’s immunizations (or indication of refusal to provide)
  5. IMPORTANT, if your child receives special education services, a Service Plan must be submitted such as this… Contact your child’s case manager at or before submitting your statement of intent form. Also, progress reports must be submitted on November 1, February 1, and May 1.

*If your child is currently attending the West Fargo Schools, the birth certificate and immunizations records are in his or her file. These will be sent over to my office when the student is officially enrolled in home school. If your child is not attending WFPS, you need to provide those documents.

Second step, the school, curriculum, and teaching part.

  1. Only the parent can home educate. The parent is the teacher.
  2. The parents decide on the curriculum. How you are going to teach, when you are going to teach, what and how you will test, how you will grade, etc.
    1. Standards for grades on content areas can be located at:
  3. The parents can select any curriculum they wish but should target the standards set by ND-DPI.
    1. There are many ways to select curriculum and that is a parent’s choice AND cost.
    2. The WFPS Home School handbook has some curriculum resources but try Google.
  4. Keep track of attendance, grades, assignments, work, etc. for your student.
  5. Can I use West Fargo Schools’ books? Maybe. Contact your child’s school principal.
  6. Can my child take a class or classes at the school or participate in school activities? Yes, contact your child’s school principal to assist. Your child will follow the school schedule.

Third step, going forward

  1. Students in grades 4, 6, 8. & 10 are required to take a standardized test and send the scores to my office by June 15.
    1. Parents can “opt out” of this requirement. Write it on the SOI.
  2. Yearly, the parent MUST file a Statement of Intent to Home Educate with my office by Sep. 10.
  3. The SOI in #2 above is the only requirement to be filed each year unless you are a SPED student.

If your child is in grades 9-12 and they plan to return to West Fargo Public Schools, please call my office for more information. Transferring home schoolwork for high school credits is not a given.

If you have any additional questions, please phone my office - 701-356-2008. Dr. Tom Gravel