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The Arts

West Fargo Public Schools is a strong advocate for instruction in the Arts, offering students a wide variety of opportunities in all grades.


West Fargo Public Schools' music curriculum is aligned to the National Core Arts Standards with a focus on creating, performing, responding, and connecting.

At the elementary level, students participate in general music on a regular basis with thirty minute classes every other day. Our elementary teachers utilize several resources, including Music Play and Quaver. Elementary music classes are enriched with access to quality instruments and professional recordings. Teachers have iPads to aid in their instruction and encourage student engagement and interaction. Students are provided with a recorder in grade 4 to help them learn the basics of playing a wind instrument; this instruction is continued in grade 5. Each grade level takes the opportunity to perform at least once each year, allowing students to experience different purposes for performing at different times of the year.

Sixth graders are required to participate in a music elective course, with options to select general music, choir, orchestra, or band. Students participate in music classes every other day throughout the year, and engage in public performances to demonstrate their skills.

Elective music courses are offered throughout middle school and at the high school level for choir, band, and orchestra, as well as high school guitar and other specialized groups that meet before or after school. Curriculum for all music courses provides an avenue to music literacy by teaching students how to select music and develop works for performance through collaboration and reflection. Students are given the opportunities to show an understanding of musical works, as well as improvise and compose their own pieces.


West Fargo Public Schools' art curriculum is aligned to the National Core Arts Standards with a focus on creating, presenting, responding, and connecting. The art courses follow the Visual Arts discipline.

Elementary students participate in visual arts classes on a regular basis, with two thirty minute classes every six days. Instruction is focused on design, expression, and exploration. Students have opportunities to work with a wide variety of art mediums, and teachers have iPads to aid in their instruction and encourage student portfolios and reflection. Students are provided with sketchbooks in addition to the materials and tools required for each project that they complete.

Middle school students have the opportunity to participate in art courses in grades six, seven, and eight. All sixth grade students take one quarter-long visual arts course. Seventh and eighth grade courses are elective courses that occur every other day for a semester. Middle school art classes explore the mediums of clay, fiber, paint, and drawing. The instructional focus supports students as they make connections of Visual Arts to the other educational content areas, daily lives and the world around. Students practice techniques while learning how to communicate thoughts, ideas, and emotions through art.

Art electives are offered at the high school level, including courses in drawing and design, painting, ceramics, and art trends. Instruction in these courses focused on engaging students in activities that support and build artistic literacy. Students are offered opportunities for artistic investigation and experimentation with materials, techniques, and concepts. While delving into their own creativity, students learn how to convey meaning and communicate through their artwork.

Proficiency Scales: Performing Arts

Proficiency Scales: Visual Arts