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Career Pathways

The career pathway process allows students to collaborate and discover who they are, explore their creativity and interests, communicate with others as they plan their pathway, critically think, and prepare and plan for their future.

Career pathways are clusters of careers that share common interests, skills, and strengths. Each pathway outlines the courses that will help students explore and develop the tools necessary for each career cluster. Since there are many roads to success, students are not locked into one pathway. If they change their mind, they can explore another pathway.  Students take interest assessments and review their results with a career advisor and/or school counselor. Course selections will help them choose their pathway. Part-time jobs, job shadowing, and volunteering in real world settings are a good way to help students gain valuable experience and insight into future career choices.


  • Complete career interest assessments and view results at
  • Review course descriptions in the WFPS Program of Studies.
  • Meet with the school counselor and/or career advisor to find the career pathway that most closely matches your interests and skills.
  • Develop and follow your 4-year plan to include required courses and career specific electives to complete your career pathway.
  • Consider exploring activities and courses like career and technical education (CTE), advanced placement (AP), and dual credit (DC) college courses, that are related to the career pathway you choose.

Students must make an effort to make up any course failures through summer school or correspondence before the next fall term starts. Courses failed and not made up by the beginning of the next school year must be scheduled for that school year. Special permission must be obtained to take further courses in the same field until failures have been removed.

Career Pathways Booklet

Career Pathways Booklet