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Career & Technical Education

Career & Technical Education

Career and Technical Education (CTE) is an essential component of the educational system, preparing learners for life, careers, and college. With an emphasis on real-world and technical skills, occupational content and academics come to life through project application. Students also develop essential employability and 21st Century Skills as they communicate and collaborate on activities and utilize creativity and critical-thinking to design projects and solve problems.

Under the CTE model, teachers work directly with business, industry, 2-4 year postsecondary institutions, and the military to bridge high school curriculum with relevant skills needed in today’s world of work and post-secondary education. West Fargo CTE curriculum creates awareness and provides exploration in more than 65 courses taught at the middle and high school levels. Extended learning experiences are available through career job-shadowing and cooperative work experiences, along with leadership development from Career and Technical Student Organization activities. During the 2015-16 school year, 1,301 students in grades 9-12 participated in at least one CTE course, reflecting 54% of the high school population. With the increase in high-tech and high-skilled jobs, student participation in CTE courses is essential to a well-rounded education and for life.

Cass County Career & Technical Education Center West Fargo Public Schools continues to serve as a member and leader of the Cass County Career & Technical Education Center (CCCTEC), established in 2013. The ‘Virtual Center,’ as defined by the North Dakota Department of Career and Technical Education, is a collaboration between Central Cass, Fargo, West Fargo, and Northern Cass Public Schools. The vision of the CCCTEC is to make CTE opportunities available to more students through the sharing of courses at multiple high schools, along with flexible delivery through on-line and video conferencing. The CCCTEC provides students with access to a broader variety and greater number of CTE courses not otherwise possible for each district to offer individually. Currently, the CCCTEC grants member students access to CTE courses in programs such as automated manufacturing from South High, aviation technology and diesel technology from Sheyenne High, agriculture education from Northern Cass, health science from West Fargo, North and Sheyenne High, welding technology from NDSCS-Fargo, and information technology from West Fargo, Sheyenne, and South High Schools. The collaboration has not only expanded CTE curriculum, but it has also increased the sharing of ideas amongst CTE educators, district leaders, and FM area businesses, leading to stronger curriculum and business partnerships.


Denise Jonas

Director of CTE