Would students be allowed to open enroll to other schools in the district?

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Based on overcapacity at Liberty Middle School and Sheyenne High School, the number of in-district transfers that will be approved is minimal. An extenuating circumstance that will be considered is when siblings would be in two separate high schools at the same time. The oldest student in the family still in school must currently be a member of the graduating classes of 2021-2023 at Sheyenne HS in order for any younger siblings to be eligible for this clause. This clause will apply to all siblings in the system regardless of current grade level. Based on scheduling, staffing, and programming, these requests will only be reviewed on an annual basis. 

For the immediate future, we will grant one-way transfers within the district for students requesting to attend Heritage Middle School and Horace High School instead of their home school based on program availability and administrative approval.