Mascot & Color Selection Process

Posted by West Fargo Public Schools on 2/12/2019

At the January 16 Strategic Transition task force meeting, the group reviewed the process utilized by the district when selecting colors and a mascot for Sheyenne High School. After review and discussion, the task force recommended the following process, which was approved by the School Board at their February 11 meeting:

  • Students in grades 4 - 7 from the new attendance area will be given the opportunity to submit two mascots (with rationale) and one color combination.
  • A community committee will narrow down the student submissions for the School Board (5 - 10 of each).
  • The School Board narrows down the committee recommendations to two of each.
  • The students will vote on the two recommendations from the School Board. The mascot and school colors will be selected through majority vote of the students and then authorized at a Board meeting.

This process is anticipated to kick-off immediately after the schools are officially named, which would provide colors and a mascot by the middle of April.