Picking Up and Dropping Off Students

Students with backpacks  


The school parking lot (along 17th Avenue East) has a tendency to become incredibly congested right before the start of the day and again at the end of the school day.  Our expectation is that parents will obey the parking signs and abide by the rules of good parking lot etiquette.  Traffic needs to be kept moving in the left lane.  Parking for five minutes is allowed in the right lane next to the school.  At the end of the day when picking up your child, please park in the parking lot.  Your cooperation is much needed and appreciated.

The east entrance to the school (off of 9th Street East) is for school bus traffic only between the hours of 8:00am and 4:00pm.  Cars should not use this entrance to pick up or drop off students.  This is for the safety of the students.