Student Attendance    


Our school hours are from 8:40am until 3:40pm. We expect students to be in school and on time every day that they are not sick or unable to attend for serious reasons. There are many positive benefits from regular school attendance. If a student is absent from school, we need a parent or guardian to call the school office at (701) 356-2090 before 9:00am. If we have not received a call by that time, we will attempt to call a parent at home or work.

If your student is going to be leaving the school during the day, a parent or guardian must call the school or send a note with your student to give to the office. Your student must check out in the office when they leave and check back in when they return. Parents do not need to come into the school.  Students must be responsible for coming to the office without being called at checkout time. We do not like to call students out of classrooms; it is very disruptive to the class.