Why was the third feeder-system boundary drawn as it was? Why not draw it straight across 52nd Ave S?

Posted by West Fargo Public Schools on 8/13/2018 11:00:00 AM

When selecting the boundaries for what would be a future third feeder-system (elementary schools that feed into a middle school and high school), consideration had to be given to each building’s capacity, continued growth district-wide, and the number of families impacted by a future transition.

If we were to have chosen 52nd Ave as the cutoff, the numbers simply would align with current buildings’ capacities. For example, a line at 52nd Ave would have assigned a total of 23 sections in each grade level to LMS and SHS. This number is one that those facilities would not be able to accommodate. In comparison, CMS and WFHS would have 19 sections and the proposed new middle school and new high school would then only have 15 sections each. When looking at those three feeder systems, it does not allow for an even balance of enrollment across the district, nor does it serve the need of creating a boundary that would be applicable for the longest period of time possible. Significant additions to LMS and SHS would have to be done, and beyond the fact that their blueprint would not allow for this, it would impact everything from transportation to class sizes to activities.

Now, with the approved boundaries, we know that it is the most feasible option when looking at building capacities, limiting transitions, longevity of district attendance areas, and an overall balance of enrollment district-wide. CMS, WFHS, LMS, and SHS would all have 19 sections in each grade level; the proposed middle school and high school would open at 12 sections per grade level, with the ability to be expanded upon in the future to accommodate up to 19 sections (and thus be equal in size to the other feeder systems).