Any insight into the expansion of roads to manage additional traffic congestion? For example, 52nd Ave from Sheyenne to 45th Street, and Sheyenne Street south to Horace?

Posted by West Fargo Public Schools on 8/6/2018 10:00:00 AM

We have been working collaboratively with the City of Horace, Cass County, MetroCOG and the City of Fargo to discuss options for future roadway expansion and construction. We have also been providing information to KLJ Engineering for a traffic study that they are completing for the intersections at County Road 17/64th Ave and County Road 17/76th Avenue. The school district can provide information on our needs, enrollment capacities, initial design layouts, etc. to assist these entities with the proposed road networks, but we are not in charge of design or construction. That work will fall to the other political subdivisions. We will continue to participate in the discussions about the infrastructure needs for the new middle school and high school.