Milk Break




Elementary students have milk/snack break every day at school.  You may purchase milk each semester for them to have during break, but it isnt required for them to have it.  First semester milk fees will be $40 and can be submitted online via MySchoolBucks.

If you aren’t sure if you paid, call the office at 356-5890 and we can let you know. Reminder: it is preferred that you  pay on-line at but we do take cash or check in the office.


How to add milk on myschoolbucks : Click on the 3 horizontal lines in the upper right-hand corner, from there you will see the school store. After selecting the school store, browse all items -- you will then see a milk carton. It is $40 for the first semester.

Thank you!


Here are the dates for the milk break fee:


  • Semester 1 milk break fee will close for payments in My School Bucks on September 30.


  • Semester 2 milk break fee will open for payments in My School Bucks on December 1 and close for payments on February 29.