Hello, Independence Families,

Ensuring students arrive home safely is a priority every school day at Independence Elementary, but even more important with the cold winter weather. WFPS collaborated with several community partners to develop a new practice for how to handle unique situations that occur after school that are outside of the normal, established transportation routine for each learner.

For students that walk home or for older students that take the bus, this practice won't necessarily be needed. This practice is for when students are not picked up from school or an adult does not meet a Kindergartener at the bus stop and that student is brought back to school as a safety precaution. This new practice ensures learners are safe and supervised, provides awareness to families of how the district will handle situations where students are left at school, and supports school staff with a pre-identified plan when unique situations arise after hours. 

Please review the following link about this practice that has gone into effect for WFPS:  Elementary Practices & Procedures Template (

If you know that you will be unable to pick up your child from school (if that is the normal routine) or unable meet your kindergartener at the bus stop (if they normally ride the bus), you are expected to make alternate arrangements for your child's transportation and to communicate those arrangements with the school’s main office.

As a reminder, if students are a car rider, students need to be picked up at 2:40 PM to allow teachers to transition to their after-school meetings and duties. If a child is still at school at 3:10 PM or returned to the school, the School Resource Officer (SRO) will be called. 

Working collaboratively, 
Mrs. Fischer 

Kaye Fischer
Assistant Principal
Independence Elementary School
P: (701) 356-5890