Anti Social Media

Anti-Social Media

So many kids are taking in social media content from each other and “influencers”.  What kind of influence is it having?  In many cases, not positive.  Parents often feel they don’t have the tools to support their child even when they want to help them navigate it.  It’s hard.  Many of us are parents too.  Here are some thoughts:


  1. Don’t allow them to have it.
    1. Social Media companies will tell you they don’t recommend their sites/apps for kids under the age of 13.  That is the majority of our middle school students.
  2. Limit their screen time and restrict content.
    1. Apple Device Parent Controls
    2. Android Device Parent Controls
    3. There are 100’s of others out there as well.
  3. Monitor their use
    1. Sit down with your child and look through their devices together.  Share with them your advice.
    2. Every filter has ways around it, nothing can replace their relationship with you and the teaching you can provide to them.

We are sharing these ideas because many times we ask students about their behaviors in school and where they learned about it.  Many, if not most, kids will tell us they saw it on social media first and then thought it looked cool or fun.  The problem is that it isn’t cool or fun in reality.

Hang in there parents.  Your love for your kids and the boundaries you set will be good for them in the long-run.