Note from the Nurse

COVID Testing Update

At this time we are unble to accept at home COVID tests. Tests need to be taken at one of the current testing sites. 

If your child is experiencing a fever or vomiting please keep your child home for 24hrs. until symptons have subsided.

  1. PLEASE have students stay home if sick!
  2. Reminder, if you have a pending Covid Test, you can not attend school until you know your result!
  3. With the new recommendations, if you complete your 5 day isolation period, when you return you are to be masked for the next 5 additional days.
  4. If your student is sick, please have them check with the Nurse before calling or texting home and picking your student up for the day.

**Just a reminder that if you receive a positive COVID test, that your quarantine starts 5 days after testing positive**