What components will be included in capstone projects?

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Capstone project guidelines have not been finalized. The following elements were reviewed by the Action Task Force and instructional coaches at the March 2022 convening for feedback. A subcommittee will be formed during the fall of 2022 to finalize the elements. This will allow for teacher input from curricular areas, seeking options for efficiency and relevance in the process.

• Portfolio: A student portfolio is a collection of documents, pictures, videos, work samples, and other artifacts that chronicle the capstone project experience.

• Capstone Project:
   o Research Paper: The research component enables the learner to study the topic of their project in-depth to gain additional skills and knowledge necessary to complete the project. A final paper is expected to serve as a written culmination of the capstone experience.

   o Project: The product will represent the learner’s skills and knowledge specific to the capstone project. Work will be completed with guidance and support from appropriate teachers and industry representatives. Products may be models, websites, innovative updates to existing products, movies, software applications (apps), entrepreneurial businesses (virtual or brick and mortar), inventions, manuals, etc.

   o Presentation: Learners will present their Capstone Project to an authentic audience demonstrating evidence of their knowledge and skills learned, highlighting POG, as well as career and college connections.

Currently, the capstone is not required for graduation, but is identified as an Essential Skill for Choice Ready preparation. Under the West Fargo academy timeline, all seniors graduating in year 2026-2027 will complete a capstone project using the final defined element requirements.