How do I transfer home education course credits to West Fargo Public Schools?

Posted by: West Fargo Public Schools

When a home school family requests to return to the public school system for the awarding of a West Fargo Public Schools' diploma, high school principals have a responsibility to provide for the integrity of our diploma and to ensure that the home school courses awarded by the parent/guardian are equivalent to those awarded by North Dakota licensed educators who are highly qualified in their respective subject area, as mandated by the state of North Dakota, and have been hired by West Fargo Public Schools.

To receive credit for courses completed through home education, the student's parent/guardian must provide West Fargo Public Schools with an outline of the course material covered in each subject, demonstration and/or examples of student work, a gradebook listing assignments and earned grades, and a transcript of the student's grades and what course is being requested for credit.

If any of the four required documents is unavailable, West Fargo Public Schools may evaluate whether other reasonable proof is acceptable for the student to meet applicable requirements for high school graduation. West Fargo Public Schools may also probate awarding of course credit.

All transfer credits will be reviewed be all high school head principals (or their designee); this is to ensure the responsibility of reviewing and editing does not fall upon a single school or principal, as well as to provide more discussion regarding the awarding or withholding of credit. All home school transfer credits will be identified on the student's transcript as homeschool and will be recorded as satisfactory or unsatisfactory.

As we have respected each family's right to home educate their child, as administrators we must protect the right of our students to ensure the integrity of their diploma and that some degree of equivalency exists regarding rigor and time commitment.

The decision to award or withhold transfer of home school credits is at the sole discretion of the building principals.

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