Can home school students receive a high school diploma?

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Yes, if they meet the requirements. West Fargo Public Schools grants diplomas only to those students who have completed all North Dakota and WFPS requirements for a high school diploma.   

To receive credit for courses completed through home education, the student’s parents or legal guardian must provide West Fargo Public Schools with the following:

     1) An outline of the course material covered in each subject,
     2) A list of the course objectives,
     3) A written description of how the course objectives were met, and
     4) A transcript of the student’s performance in grades.

If any of the four items of required documentation is unavailable, West Fargo Public Schools may evaluate whether other reasonable proof is acceptable for the student to meet applicable requirements for high school graduation. All home school transfer credits will be identified on the student’s transcript as “home school.”

To be eligible to graduate from West Fargo Public Schools, home school students must be enrolled in, and successfully complete, their senior year at one of West Fargo high schools. Students are required to earn six credits their senior year, including four credits in the senior level classes in the four core classes (math, science, social studies, and English/language arts). 

Any home school student and parent seeking a West Fargo Public School diploma must schedule a meeting with the high school principal in the spring or summer PRIOR to the student’s senior year.