Morning Routine

 Drop Off and Pick Up Procedures Clock

8:00am - 8:30am - Drop off for breakfast at door #2 on 6th Ave. - Breakfast students only

8:30am - First bell rings - All students who are parent drop off or walkers enter door #1 (students who aren't eating breakfast)

8:40am - Tardy bell rings - students need to come to the office for a tardy slip

3:10pm - School dismisses for all students

  • Please do not leave your vehicle unattended in the drop off zone.  If you need to walk into the school please use a parking space away from the drop off zone. 
  • When dropping off or picking up your child curb-side, please pull all the way forward along the curb so you are directly behind the vehicle in front of you. This will allow as many cars as possible in the lane at one time.
  • Do Not double park on the road
  • Make sure your child enters and exits the car on the sidewalk
  • Kindly reserve “handicap” designated parking spaces for those displaying a handicap permit in their vehicle. It’s the law!
  • Thank you for helping ensure our students remain safe and drop-off and pick up times runs smoothly.