Art Gallery

Art Gallery       Art on a wall

The goal for our art gallery is to display work from every South student sometime throughout the school year.

Inspiration for this art gallery originated in honor of Alexa Kersting, daughter of Loren and Monica Kersting, who passed away in July of 2004 while waiting for a lung transplant. 

During Alexa’s six years as a student here, she created many works of art and poetry, as all our students have done.  The frames for the gallery were purchased by the Kerstings to commemorate Alexa’s love of the arts.

These students have their art on display this week:

From Mrs. Chambers' classroom: Chloe, Josiah, Ruby, Ivy, Yusra, Aidan, Jaycee'on

From Miss Cunningham's classroom: Devon, Julia, Audra, Natalie, Zoe, Nevada

From Mrs. Krabbenhoft's classroom: Conner, Kayla, Cayden, Olivia, Tatum, Abram, Ruman, Grace, Max