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Weekly Risk Level Status Check: Week of August 3

Starting today, the district’s executive leadership team and lead school nurse are meeting weekly with representatives from Fargo Cass Public Health and Essentia Health to discuss COVID-19 data and trends specific to Cass County. This information will be shared with our families and staff each week and used to make any warranted adjustments to the district’s learning model and safety protocols.

The following information was provided in the August 4 session:
* Fargo Cass Public Health updates their data daily, Monday-Friday. It is available for public review from their website. The most recent rolling average of new cases per day in Cass County is 19, which is a significant improvement from our May/June average of 52 cases per day. Cass County continues to trend down, while the rest of the state is trending up.
* Cass County’s positivity rate has also decreased to be lower than the state’s (2.44% compared to 2.81%). At its highest point, the positivity rate in Cass County was over 9%.
* Hospitalization rates are increasing in the metro, but that is directly related to Fargo’s Essentia and Sanford locations taking patients from other regions in the state that did not have the capacity to handle their own cases.
* Essentia Health has assembled a team that will be meeting every other week, with one of their key tasks to answer questions for the West Fargo Public Schools team. This information will be utilized to continue populating our FAQ, as well as guide decisions in our Return to Learn plan.

Based on this information, there are no adjustments currently proposed for the district’s status.

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