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Limit the Spread: Practice Social Distancing

As the first day of the COVID-19 school closure ends, West Fargo Public Schools wants to remind all parents, students, and staff of the purpose behind this closure. COVID-19 spreads easily from person to person and can also spread through some surface contact. When the spread of a virus becomes severe, public health officials will take steps to limit the spread of the disease by keeping people from congregating in large groups. This is called social distancing.

One of the goals of social distancing is to keep people out of settings where they are close together for extended periods of time…places like schools, workplaces, and entertainment or shopping venues. Another aim is to avoid congregating at mass gatherings like concerts, movies, and sporting events. The most recent update from the CDC recommends avoiding gatherings of more than 10 people. We ask all families and staff to please keep the goal of our closure in mind – limiting the spread of COVID-19 – and to engage in social distancing.   

If you do have to spend time in public places or in large gatherings, the ideal distance to keep between yourself and others is about six feet, according to the CDC. Even if you are well, others around you may be sick. Keeping your distance from others and avoiding large gatherings is how you do your part to stay well and stop the spread.  

Thank you for doing your part!

Superintendent Slette
(701) 356-2000