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WFPS Educator Named Dakota TESOL Teacher of the Year

West Fargo, ND – (November 17, 2023) – West Fargo Public Schools is proud to announce that Julianne Greening was named as the Dakota Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL) Teacher of the Year at the 2023 annual Dakota TESOL conference held in Sioux Falls, SD this year. Dakota TESOL offers this award to an educator who demonstrates excellence in teaching, developing instructional materials or designing novel approaches to teaching English Learners.
Greening has worked for West Fargo Public Schools for three years and currently works as an English Learner Teacher at Freedom Elementary. “In the heart of education, Julianne stands as a beacon of compassion and intentional instruction. Her dedication, kindness, and unwavering commitment illuminate the path for English learners, creating a tapestry of learning where every thread is woven with care. As she receives the Dakota TESOL Teacher of the Year, it is not just a recognition of her excellence but a celebration of the transformative power of a teacher who invests not only time and effort but also heart and soul into shaping the linguistic and cultural journey of her students,” stated Reading Coordinator Liz Mackowick and Freedom Elementary Principal Kimmy Milligan.
Dakota TESOL is an organization dedicated to advancing excellence in teaching, valuing, and encouraging the development of the English language with multilingual learners. Their mission is to provide professional development to educational professionals who serve English Learners in the K-12, adult ed. and higher ed. settings. 

Travis Gavin