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WFPS Business Manager Receives ND Education Award

West Fargo, ND – (October 23, 2023) – At the ND Council of Educational Leaders (NDCEL) Fall Conference last week, West Fargo Public Schools Business Manager Levi Bachmeier was honored with the NDCEL RaeAnn Kelsch Outstanding Special Service to Education award. This award is meant to honor a person that exemplifies extraordinary contributions to education in the state of North Dakota, especially when that work provides a statewide positive impact.

According to NDCEL Executive Director Dr. Aimee Copas, “There have been numerous instances that Levi's perspective has helped the success of NDCEL. This ranges from recommendations on finance issues to legislative advocacy. Perhaps Levi's greatest strength to NDCEL is his strength of character to be in front of an issue or the contrary opinion. There is no doubt that we are not as strong of an organization without Levi Bachmeier.”

“Levi holds himself and those around him to the highest of standards by asking tough questions and challenging our assumptions; he won’t accept “we’ve always done it this way” as an answer,” says WFPS Superintendent Beth Slette. “He is driven and motivated to serve the learners and educators not only in West Fargo but across North Dakota and has made significant contributions to our state’s educational system.”

The North Dakota Council of Educational Leaders is the state professional association devoted exclusively to protecting educational leaders' interests and making their interests known in all educational matters in North Dakota. The purpose of NDCEL is to establish communications among the members of the constituent associations to achieve mutual goals, achieve higher standards, give sound counsel to state and community leaders, and improve the status of school administrators in North Dakota.


Travis Gavin