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Horace High School Back-to-Back EDC Speech Champions

West Fargo, ND – (April 16, 2024) – Horace High School Speech Team won its second straight EDC Regional Speech Tournament which was held at West Fargo High School. Some of the many highlights include Mercy Johnson and Reese Richard championing both of their events, Maggie Dick, Corinne Schmidt, and Jordan Graves all Co-Championing Speech to Inform. 

Horace High School had 38 competitors in 56 events. 32 of these competitors are advancing to state in 48 events. To advance to the Class A State Speech Tournament, competitors need to win a regular season tournament or place in the top 33% of the category at the regional tournament.

Individual results (SQ denotes State Qualified and PQ denotes Pre-Qualified for State):

Speech to Inform:
Maggie Dick Champion SQ, Jordan Graves Champion SQ, Corinne Schmidt Champion SQ, Lucy PQ

Reese Richard Champion SQ, Becca Smith Champion SQ, Keagen 6th SQ, Maron 7th PQ 

Poetry Interpretation:
Mercy Johnson Champion SQ, Veda Voegele Runner-Up SQ, Isabel 6th SQ, Taylor PQ

Humorous Duo:
Griffin Terras & Ethan Frisch Champions SQ, Savannah and Trae 3rd SQ, Flint & Maron 5th SQ, Liam & Lucy 5th SQ

Humorous Interpretation:
Reese Richard Champion SQ, Keagen 3rd SQ, Trae 6th SQ, Becca PQ 

Dramatic Interpretation: 
Mercy Johnson Champion SQ, Savannah 3rd SQ, Taylor SQ

Serious Prose:
Alora Rude Champion SQ, Melissa 4th SQ, Liam 6th SQ

Impromptu Speaking:
Levi Gorden Runner-Up SQ, Nadir 3rd SQ, Amour 4th SQ

Speech to Entertain:
Emily Hutchinson Runner-Up SQ, Quinten 6th SQ, Britta SQ, Nikki PQ

Extemporaneous Speaking:
Jordan 3rd SQ, Nadir 4th SQ, Veda 7th SQ, Levi SQ

Radio Broadcasting: 
Corinne 3rd SQ, Maggie 5th, Griffin 6th SQ, Ryan 8th SQ

Serious Duo:
Isabel & Jayla 3rd SQ, Jaden & Aiden 4th SQ, Adorah & Melissa 7th 

Extemporaneous Programed Reading:
Jaden 4th SQ, Alora 5th SQ, Flint 8th 

Speech to Persuade:
Nora 5th SQ, Ryan 7th SQ, Hannah 8th SQ

The team is coached by John Goettle, Jenny Krueger, Cassidy Hughes, Bill Egan, and Nathan Amberg.

Travis Gavin