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Penberthy Named Special Education Coordinator

West Fargo, ND – (May 23rd, 2024) – It is with great pleasure that Ms. Rachel Kjonaas, Director of Special Education, announces that Mr. Coltyn Penberthy has accepted the position of Special Education Coordinator for West Fargo Public Schools.   

Penberthy has worked in public education for 10 years. He has held Special Education teaching positions at the elementary and secondary levels, and most recently has been working as Special Education Teacher at West Fargo High School. He has also served as the Regional Training Site Ops Superintendent for the ND Air National Guard since 2021. Penberthy holds a master’s degree in special education strategist and a bachelor’s degree in social studies education, both from the University of North Dakota. 

After conducting interviews and subsequently choosing Mr. Penberthy, Ms. Kjonaas remarked, “Mr. Penberthy possesses a solid foundation in special education, especially at the secondary level. His ability to foster meaningful connections with educators and learners is commendable. Mr. Penberthy’s solution-oriented mindset guarantees positive outcomes for learners with disabilities. Mr. Penberthy is a fantastic addition to the special education leadership team.”  

Penberthy will assume this new role on July 1st, 2024.

Travis Gavin