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Horace High School Debate Announced Co-State Champions

West Fargo, ND – (February 15, 2023) – Horace High School announced Co-State Champions with Davies High School. This is the highest finish that a WFPS has had at State Debate. Nora Aeilts won the Lincoln Douglas Division II, and Horace High School’s first individual champion in debate. Additionally, Horace High School qualifies two debaters to nationals.  

Maggie Dick and Jordan Graves nationally qualified in Public Forum Debate. Horace also had 15 students qualify and compete at state debate. This is only the third year of the Horace High School Debate program and the team currently has no senior competitors. This is also the second state championship for Horace High School, having won the State Congress Tournament in November. The debate team is coached by Nathan Amberg. 


Travis Gavin