Health Services

  • West Fargo Public Schools employs 14 nurses for its 22 schools. They make regularly scheduled visits to each of their assigned buildings to assess students’ wellbeing related to accidents, injuries, or illness. They are also responsible for handling allergies, chronic health conditions, immunizations, medication, and screenings.

    When students become sick at school, they will be taken to the nurse's office and parents/guardians will be notified to pick up their child if deemed necessary. If the parent/guardian is unable to come to the school to pick up the sick child, it is the responsibility of that parent/guardian to make arrangements for another adult to pick up the child as soon as possible. Please do not ask the school to allow a sick child to walk home, as we are concerned for their safety and welfare.

    Please do not send a sick child to school to be assessed by the nurse. If your child has an elevated temperature, rash, diarrhea, or is vomiting at home, DO NOT send the child to school.


    In the event of an accident on the school premises, specific school personnel are equipped to render first aid. In the event of a more serious accident, parent/guardians are notified and asked to seek medical attention for their child. If a parent/guardian cannot be located, then an attempt to reach the emergency contact is made. If unable to locate the parent/guardians of emergency contact, then the student is monitored or, if necessary, 911 is called and the student is taken to their preferred hospital. West Fargo Public Schools does not provide health or dental insurance coverage of benefits payments for students. Costs incurred for medical, dental, or hospital services due to the injury sustained by the student while on school property and/or during school functions are the responsibility of the parent/guardian.


    Vision screening is done on all elementary students by the Lions Clubs of West Fargo, Horace and Gateway Lions. Screening is provided for students in other grade levels as referred by school staff or upon the request of the parent.

Staff Directory

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  • Cheney MS
  • Deer Creek & Horace HS
  • Freedom & Aurora
  • Heritage MS & Horace Elem
  • Independence & Harwood
  • Liberty MS
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  • Sheyenne High School
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