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  • Summer Camps

    Looking for information about summer camps? Visit the specific activity's homepage to find information about upcoming opportunities. Simply select ATHLETICS on the left hand side of your screen.

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  • The online registration for Activities will be open on Tuesday, July 26th. You will be able to upload your physical and fill out the risk form through this site.  Please do not turn in any forms to the Activities Office, all forms must be uploaded to the registration website. Check back then to register for the 2022-23 activities at Sheyenne High School and Liberty Middle School.

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  • General Activities Parent Meeting

    The Mustangs are gearing up for another great year and an exciting fall sports season! Sheyenne High School will no longer be hosting three, individual pre-season parent meetings prior to each athletic season. Out of respect to the large time commitment you, as parents, already provide for our student/athletes. Our head coaches will still be having individual team meetings and we highly recommend our parents and student/athletes to attend these meetings if possible.

    There will be short parent and student/athlete meeting for incoming ninth graders and all transfer students who plan on participating in any of our school activities this school year. The meeting will be on Thursday, July 28th at 6:00PM in the SHS Theater. The focus of this meeting will be an introduction to Mustang activities.

    A reminder that all athletes will need a physical and complete the online registration process to participate during the 2022-2023 school year. The physical MUST be dated after April 15, 2022. We now have online registration, physicals must be uploaded in the portal. For any questions, please email Alison Chesser, the Activities Assistant.

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  • Fall Activities Starting Dates

    Boys' Soccer: Monday, August 1 at 4:00PM at the SHS Stadium. Coach Jon Melendez. The parent meeting is TBD at 6:00PM in the TBD. Grades 9-12.

    Girls' Golf: Monday, August 8 at TBD at Village Green Golf Course. Coach Dan Wolf. The student meeting is Thursday, July 28th at 7:00PM and the parent meeting is Thursday, July 28th at 7:00PM in the SHS Multimedia Center. Grades 7-12.

    Football: Monday, August 8 at 7:00AM at SHS Practice Fields. Coach Jeremy Newton. The parent meeting is TBD at 6:00PM in the SHS Commons. Grades 9-12.

    Boys' & Girls' Cross Country: Monday, August 8 at 7:00AM at the SHS Track (Grade 7-8 will meet at LMS). Coach Troy Thorson. The parent meeting is TBD at 6:00PM on the SHS Track. Grades 9-12.

    Volleyball: Monday, August 15 at 9:00am in the SHS gymnasium. Coach Leah Newton. The parent meeting is TBD at 6:00pm in the SHS Commons. Grades 9-12.

    Girls' Swim & Dive: Monday, August 15 at 4:00PM at Hulbert Aquatic Center. Coach Erich Richardson. The parent meeting is TBD at 7:00PM in the SHS Multipurpose Room. Grades 7-12.

    Boys' Tennis: Wednesday, August 8 at 6:30PM at the SHS Tennis Courts. Coach Chad Anderson. The parent meeting is TBD at 7:00PM at the SHS Tennis Courts. Grades 7-12.

    Cheerleading: Tryouts will be held on Tuesday, May 17th at 3:45PM in the SHS Aux Gym. Coach Jenn Larrieu. The parent meeting is TBD, please contact the coach if you need further information. Grades 8-12.

    Student Congress: Monday, Sep 1 at 3:45PM in Room 2304. Coach Kelsey Johnson. The parent meeting will be virtual. Please check the Student Congress web page. Grades 7-12.

    Drama: Auditions will be TBD from 3:35-5:30PM. Call backs will be TBD. Director Marilyn Laliberte. The informational meeting is TBD at 3:35PM in the SHS Theater. Grades 9-12


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  • Coaches please fill out this form with you Activity Start Date Information.

     Click for Survey Here

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Activities at West Fargo Public Schools

  • Welcome to the co-curricular activities program at West Fargo Public Schools. We are excited about your participation, and we hope that you will have a positive learning experience from your efforts. West Fargo School District continually strives to provide its students with the best possible opportunities through co-curricular experiences.

    Co-curricular activities are provided for the benefit of all students and for supporting and enhancing the educational experience for students. These programs exist to promote growth and development, increase participation, and provide an environment where students learn to cope with challenges similar to those encountered throughout life. Participation in co-curricular activities is voluntary and considered a privilege rather than a right. These activities are “extra” opportunities provided through the direction of the West Fargo School District. Student activities are to be administered by school authorities, and all instruction will be provided by competent, qualified coaches/advisors so that desirable, definite educational goals may be achieved. Our programs should develop physical, intellectual and emotional growth; special skills in activities of each student’s choice; commitments such as loyalty, cooperation, good sportsmanship/conduct and team play and knowledge of activities to use in leisure time in life beyond high school.

    The West Fargo Public School District recognizes that the purpose of the co-curricular contest is to determine a winner. However, it is not the desire of the District to emphasize winning at all costs. The values and objectives of an activities program should be paramount. We believe winning is an immediate objective but is not an end in itself. If it were, it could only be “half” realized. Fifty percent of teams that take part in activities must lose. The desire to win can and should be used to stimulate the achievement of the ultimate goals and objectives. Though most advisors/coaches will likely have a personal objective to win, such pressure should not be brought by the Board, administration, parents or any outside interests. Other factors such as motivation, the teaching of fundamentals, effective communications with the various constituencies, establishment of respect, and demonstration of mature judgment are more important than a winning record. Advisors/coaches involved in the training of students will be skilled in the teaching of fundamentals of their particular activity, in motivating young people, and in communicating with students and parents. Parents have an obvious interest in their child and, just as in a classroom, are encouraged to communicate with advisors/coaches about their child’s progress. Parents are expected to be positive and supportive in their relationships with advisors/coaches.

    It is of vital importance that all persons involved in co-curricular activities strive to follow and practice the code of ethics, whether they play the role of coach, participant or spectator. We all carry the responsibility of demonstrating good sportsmanship and serving our community by being positive ambassadors for the West Fargo Public School District.

    Code of Ethics
    The following statements represent the West Fargo Public Schools Athletic & Activity Code of Ethics. WFPS expects all who participate (including student participants, coaches, parents, spectators, and officials) in district-affiliated athletics and activities to abide by the following guidelines.

      • I will emphasize and display the proper ideals of sportsmanship.
      • To stress values derived from playing the game fairly
      • I will show courtesy to visiting teams and officials.
      • I will applaud good plays made by either team.
      • I will consider officials as the proper authorities to make decisions and will abide by their calls without demonstration.
      • I will respect the game and remember it takes quality participants and effort to win.
      • I will take pride in promoting good sportsmanship among players, parents, and spectators.
      • I will become familiar with the rules and fundamentals of the game in order to become a better participant.

    As educated and trained professionals, coaches play an important role in setting the example by demonstrating good sportsmanship for their team members, student-body and adult fans to follow. It is important for the coach to reinforce the West Fargo School District’s purpose, objectives, values, and goals, with an emphasis on practicing and instilling the code of ethics.

    It is a privilege to participate in co-curricular activities. Students need to keep in perspective how fortunate they are to have the opportunity to exercise that privilege and to appreciate the school district community for supporting their efforts. Students should also demonstrate good sportsmanship by practicing the code of ethics and share their enthusiasm and love for their activity by demonstrating respect for all persons and property.

    Student and adult spectators need to keep in perspective that high school activities are educational experiences that need to be kept in the proper spirit of competition. It is our hope that all fans will abide by the following guidelines. The West Fargo Public School District appreciates your cooperation.

      • Remember that the event is for the students. They are participating and parents/fans are watching because of their enjoyment in the experience. Exhibits of good sportsmanship enhance the educational experience of all participants.
      • Refrain from distracting participants when they are competing/performing.
      • Recognize and appreciate the skill of the performers regardless of their school. Applauding good play demonstrates class, generosity, and goodwill.
      • Treat officials with respect before, during and after the contest. Contests cannot be conducted without officials, as they are an integral part of the event and should be recognized as impartial arbitrators.
      • Spectators are to respect others, property, and the spirit of high school competition. Remember that your view of the event could be quite different than that of an official or the opposing team and spectators. Management has the authority to remove any spectator who does not conduct themselves in a respectful manner. Abusive or inappropriate behavior is to be avoided.
      • Recognize the fact that spectators represent the school district and community, as do participants and coaches. Respect, cooperate, and respond positively and enthusiastically to cheerleaders and event staff.

    Misbehavior During Contests
    Students or adults who are found to be in gross violation of the ethics of competition or the principles of good sportsmanship may be barred from interscholastic activities, either as a participant or as a spectator or both. This includes student and adult spectators.

    Student-participants need to keep in perspective their role as active members in the co-curricular program. It is important for them to be good role models and ambassadors for the school community and to the younger students who admire and are influenced by their actions. Participants need to demonstrate proper respect to all persons and property on and off school premises.

    Tryout & Participant Selection
    All eligible students have the opportunity to try out for a school activity. Each activity has a starting date, and there should be a minimum of three days of tryouts/practices prior to the selection of team members. Sub-varsity and lower level students in each respective activity should be invited to try out for a higher level program.

    • General Commitment: Each student who is involved in a school activity must have strong commitment to the program in general. Being involved will require teamwork, self-discipline, loyalty, sportsmanship, citizenship and perseverance. If a participant has concerns or conflicts, he/she should visit with the coach or director of the respective program.
    • Skill and Ability: Each student who participates will receive an assessment of his/her skills and abilities from the coach/director. This information should serve as the major criteria in the selection of program members for each respective activity.

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