Liberty Middle School

  • Our Mission

    Developing all learners well-being for tomorrow’s world.

    Our Vison

    West Fargo Public Schools middle level counseling department aligns with ASCA mindsets and behaviors to create a holistic and safe environment. Learners are empowered to develop compassion, collaboration, and resiliency through nurturing relationships in order to thrive in a rapidly changing world.

    Our Beliefs

    To implement the school counseling program at Liberty Middle School, the counseling department is committed to the following with the belief that learners need to be engaged in safe and nurturing relationships that allow them to develop their intellectual, physical, social, and emotional well-being. (Relationships)

    This is accomplished through:

    1. All learners having access to a comprehensive school counseling program coordinated by state licensed school counselors. (Pathways & Pacing)
    2. Consistency in the school counseling program utilizing developmental stages of learning to ensure growth in all learners (Guaranteed & Viable Curriculum)
    3. All learners having access to a school counselor to discuss personal concerns, information about career and educational planning, and the right to support in identifying their social emotional needs. (Self-Efficacy & Agency) (Assessment & Feedback) (Goal Setting & Reflection)
    4. Providing tools for all learners and their adult(s) at home to support the learners’ educational progress with the assistance of professional school counselors. (Self-Efficacy & Agency) (Assessment & Feedback)
    5. Maintaining a high level of professionalism by:
      1. Creating an ongoing program of counselor competency training and retraining.
      2. Adhering to mandates and guidelines set forth by the national and state school counselor association.
      3. Evaluating the school counseling program on stated goals and related student competencies.

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