Elementary Counseling

  • The elementary school counseling program is designed to serve the needs of all children at each stage of their development. Each elementary school is assigned a minimum of one school counselor, with the number of counselors being determined by a school’s enrollment and level of students’ needs. Counselors work inside and outside of the classroom to promote positive student attitudes toward self, family, peers, school, and the community. 

    Students in grades K-5 receive instructional lessons in the classroom from the school’s counselor. These lessons are guided by the Second Step counseling curriculum and include such topics as learning skills, empathy, emotional management, and problem solving skills. Counselors collaborate with students, parents, and teachers to identify and remove barriers to learning and assist students in learning how school performance relates to future opportunities.

    Students may visit with counselors in an individual, small group, or large group format. Most counseling services are initiated following a student’s (or students’) referral for services. Students can be referred to a school counselor when there are concerns over academic achievement, social behavior, change in family structure, health, or as a new student to the building. Referrals for services can be submitted by families, staff, administrators, peers, or by the child him/herself.




    The mission of the West Fargo Elementary Counseling Program is to proactively prepare students to be integrated, successful adults by fostering skills in the areas of social emotional, academic and career development. In doing this, we decrease barriers and advocate for student achievement in all areas of their lives, to nurture resiliency in this ever-changing world. Our collaborative team of counselors, administrators, staff, parents and community members work together to create a supportive, safe and compassionate environment. Through this partnership of stakeholders, along with a comprehensive, standard-driven curriculum, we strive to prepare students to be the best version of themselves as lifelong learners.


    All students will grow to be the best version of themselves through positive choices in everyday life.





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Melissa Lacher

Counseling Services

  • Counseling services are available in-person or virtually. In order to make an appointment with your counselor, please send them an email or send a private message to your child's teacher through SeeSaw.

    Note: The purpose of virtual counseling is to provide brief academic and social/emotional supports to your child. Long term therapy or crisis management resources can be found in Counseling Emergency Services. Please also read the Informed Consent document.