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    Grade 5 Tennis and Badminton

    Monday, May 6

    Tuesday, May 7

    Friday, May 10

    Monday, May 13

    Tuesday, May 14

    Thursday, May 16

    Friday, May 17

    Monday, May 20





    Wake Up and Walk

    What is it?

    • Wake-up and WALK is a program available for grades 3 and 4 that encourages students to start their day being active.


    • Students from a grade level will have one morning a week reserved for them to walk in the gym from 7:30-8:00. The students will receive pedometers (that will be returned after walking/running) to count the steps they take that morning. When a grade level reaches 150,000 steps they will be given a free day to celebrate their hard work on their next regularly scheduled Wake-up and WALK day.

    • Steps will only be counted for students reaching 1200 or more

    • Students must be moving (the gym will not be used for sitting with friends)

    • Students caught shaking their pedometers will need to clear their pedometers (eliminating their steps) which will not be put towards the class total

    • Students are expected to follow gym rules

    • Failure to follow gym rules will lead to being asked to leave the gym and forfeiture of participation rights in the Wake-up and WALK program

    • Students will enter the northwest doors (door 6)

    • 3RD will walk on Day 1s, 4TH Day 3s, and free days will occur on their normal Wake-up and WALK day.

    • No students will be allowed to enter after 7:45am


    • TEACHERS! Feel free to come down and walk with your students. WE know the morning can be a valuable time but if you find some free time we’d love to have you in the gym and we’re sure your students would too!




    Strong Stars

    Who: 5th graders

    What: Strengthening Program

    When: Starts September, 25, 2018 and continues every day 2, 4, and 6. Sessions run from 7:30-8:00

    Where: South Elementary Gym

    Why: Improve health and skill-related components of physical fitness emphasizing muscular strength endurance, agility, power, and speed in students at South Elementary School


    The South Elementary Strong Star Program is a program geared towards allowing students to participate in health and skill-related exercises before or after school with a large emphasis on upper-body strength. The program will be free of charge and will consist of various exercises primarily requiring students to move their own body weight. Each week an exercise routine will be created that students will work through three times that week. STUDENTS SHOULD ENTER THE BUILDING AT DOOR 2 IF THEY CHOOSE TO PARTICIPATE.

    Students will focus on improving their scores with each exercise session through familiarizing their minds and bodies with various movements. Gains in in personal fitness will likely require physical activity occurring outside the Strong Star program. Students will be allowed to move freely between activities but will be expected to stay on task if they wish to participate in the program. Students who choose to not make use of the time appropriately will not be allowed to continue the program and a letter will be sent home to notify their parents of their dismissal.

    Students will try to complete the following list of objectives to earn the “Strong Star” distinction.

    • Climbing across the red course on the climbing wall
    • Doing enough straight arm pull-ups to match ¾ of their age
    • Climb the straight rope twice consecutively without touching the ground between ascents
    • Climb the vertical ladder twice consecutively without touching the ground between ascents
    • 50 curl-ups in a minute
    • 30 push-ups in a minute
    • Doing enough hand-hold pull-ups to match ½ of their age
    • Making it across the hand-hold transverse wall
    • Completion of the Strong Star exercise log
    • 10 sec or less shuttle run
    • 9:00 mile or less
    • Making it across the peg board
    • Completion of 80% of weekly workouts
    • Walking on their hands from the baseline to the top of the three-point line

    This program was not created with the intention of students completing it on their first try. Hopefully the program will assist in guiding the students to monitor their fitness levels and improvement of their individual fitness levels. Dedication to the program at school and home will provide the greatest opportunity for success.

    Shirts will be given (while supplies last) to students who are able to complete all of the Strong Star tasks. Students who participate in 80% or more of the workouts will earn Strong Star wristbands.




  • For the 2018-2019 school year, all elementary intramural fees are $20.00 per activity. Payment can be made by submitting cash or a check to the school office or by paying online via MySchoolBucks.

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