• Home Education is an educational program for a child based in the child’s home and supervised by the child’s parent or parents. Participation in this program legally fulfills the compulsory instruction requirements of state law.

    Home education is one of several means by which parents can fulfill their responsibility for education their children. The North Dakota legislature has enacted laws to ensure that the state’s responsibilities and legitimate interests in this endeavor are also guaranteed and protected. With the combined rights and interests of the state and of parents, the state has delegated certain responsibilities to local school districts to work with home educators to assure that all North Dakota students are receiving a quality education.

    To Home Educate or Home School your child you need to:

    1. Complete the Statement of Intent to Home Educate
      1. Must be filed every year and are due September 10
    2. Provide the parent’s proof of qualification:
      1. A copy of  GED, HS diploma, or Advance Degree or transcript
    3. Provide a copy of your child’s birth certificate
    4. Provide a record of immunizations (or letter of objection)
    5. Arrange for Standardized Testing in Grades: 4, 6. 8, or 10
      1. Parents with a bachelor’s degree may opt out of this requirement
      2. Test results are due by June 15

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