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  • West Fargo served about 700 English Language Learner (EL) students in our program during the 2015-16 school year. Most of these students who qualify for the program are refugees or children of refugees, but there are some who were either born in the United States, immigrants, or other secondary migrants. Since our numbers in the district have continued to grow steadily over the last few years, we have expanded our program to meet the needs of all West Fargo Public Schools students. Students are identified for services primarily based on an English Language Proficiency Assessment Access and/or Model, a test that all ELs must take annually to help guide instruction. Currently, a staff of 38 teachers and four paraprofessionals service our ELLs across the district. The purpose of the program is to teach ELs English proficiency, academic knowledge, and acculturation skills needed to be successful in school. West Fargo is unique in the sense of offering an option for new Americans to attend our Welcome Center. The Welcome Center is a school that focuses on teaching English proficiency through rigorous differentiated instruction and small class sizes. Our trending data shows that students who attend the Welcome Center tend to exit the EL program more quickly than the typical EL student who has not been a part of the program. Outside of K-12 schooling, West Fargo offers many other programs such as Jumpstart to Kindergarten, Transitional Kindergarten, and Adult Learning and after school clubs for EL students.

    For more information regarding federal title programs, please review the resources available through the North Dakota Department of Public Instruction. 

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