Horace Elementary School Overview

  • Horace Elementary School provides an age-appropriate curriculum for literacy, math, science, and social studies. Students participate in physical education, music, art, and library on a regular basis. We work to provide students with 21st Century Skills using the 4Cs; Creativity, Communication, Critical Thinking, and Collaboration. The school follows the West Fargo Elementary Behavior Plan, which introduces social skills and expectations, as well as implementing a building-wide positive reinforcement behavior plan. We believe in the “Fill your Bucket” philosophy and work hard at modeling our three goals; Be Respectful, Be Responsible, Be Safe.

    History of Horace Elementary

    The current Horace Elementary School, 110 3rd Avenue North in Horace, was constructed by TF Powers Construction and opened in 1983. Funding for the building was provided by the West Fargo School District through a special building levy. Prior to 1983 students in grades K-6 attended school at what is now the Horace Senior Center. This building formerly housed grades 1-12, until the Horace community voted to become a part of West Fargo Schools in 1962, and middle and high school students were bussed to West Fargo. Presently, Horace Elementary houses students from Horace and the immediate surrounding areas.

    In 2002, the school district patrons passed another levy with provisions to expand the Horace building to create a larger gymnasium and add additional classrooms. Construction began in the spring of 2003 and the three classrooms were completed when students returned in the fall. In addition, the existing building received extensive remodeling, which included wall lockers, hall carpeting, lighting, and refurbished wall surfaces. A specialist room was added behind the library, student bathrooms were remodeled, and the music room renovated with a new entry. The largest component of the addition was the gymnasium. Work was completed in February of 2004 and the facility is available for use by the students and the community.

    During the summer of 2016, Horace Elementary added a new wing of five classrooms. Kindergarten students were brought back to their home school and with the added classrooms, the school was able to accommodate all of the children. The school now has 12 classrooms and houses grades K-5.




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