Brooks Harbor Elementary School

  • Brooks Harbor Elementary School provides an age-appropriate curriculum for literacy, math, science, and social studies. Students participate in physical education, music, art, and library on a regular basis. The school follows the West Fargo Elementary Behavior Plan, which introduces social skills and expectations, as well as implementing a building-wide positive reinforcement behavior plan.


    Brooks Harbor Elementary School was built in 2017 as part of the 2015 bond referendum. The building occupies a 10-acre site in western West Fargo and has a preferred capacity of 396 and a maximum capacity of 456.

    Brooks Harbor Elementary School is home to the Brooks Harbor Bobcats. It is named after the West Fargo neighborhood it serves: Brooks Harbor. The school belongs to the Mustang feeder-system; students move on to Liberty Middle School and Sheyenne High School.

    The building’s principals have included: Manix Zepeda (2017 - present).