West Fargo Public Schools Visitors

  • West Fargo Public Schools encourages parents and community members to visit district schools to become better informed about day-to-day operations and observe the educational process. However, because schools are places of work and learning, visitors are asked to observe various requirements when visiting district schools. These requirements were created to ensure the educational environment is not disrupted; they can befound in administrative policy KAA-AP: Visitors in Schools.

    At WFPS, the safety and security of our students is our #1 priority. With that in mind, we installed LobbyGuard visitor management systems at each of our schools in 2015. With LobbyGuard, all visitors to schools are expected to scan their driver's license or other government-issued ID in order to gain access beyond the main office. In just a few seconds, LobbyGuard uses the information on the scanned ID to compare against national offender databases and local "red flag" databases (for things like no trespassing orders or custodial disputes). The system also collects information on the reason for visits, and/or who a visitor is there to see.  Visitors then receive a custom visitor ID tag, printed on the spot.

    In addition to district policy and protocol, each city in our school district (Fargo, Harwood, Horace, and West Fargo) has a city ordinance that governs visitors in schools. A notice of this ordinance and its associated penalties is posted at the main entrance of every school facility in WFPS.