The Academies of West Fargo

  • West Fargo Public Schools began a journey toward personalized learning in 2018; at the high school level, that journey has led us to an academic structure commonly referred to as “academies.” 

    career academy is an academic model designed to create smaller learning communities, comprised of students with like interests, through a career-connected, college-aligned theme. Each academy offers electives, advanced coursework, dual credit, intentional career pathways, and capstone experiences to prepare all learners for life, careers, post-secondary, or military pathways. 

    Across the district’s three comprehensive high schools, we are working to identify and design academies that align with current programming while envisioning emerging opportunities to prepare learners for their future. District leadership and Planning Committee members understand that this journey requires extensive collaboration, communication, and flexibility to ensure the best possible outcome for both educators and learners. WFPS is working toward a comprehensive academy model at all high schools by the fall of 2026, with a uniquely phased rollout plan for each site.  

    During Spring 2022, Horace High School registered their incoming freshmen into one of the following academies for the 2022-23 school year:

    • Health & Human Services
    • Technology, Engineering, & Manufacturing
    • Marketing, Entrepreneurship, & Hospitality
    • Global Electives

    A grade level will be added into the academy model each of the next three years, until 2026-27, when all students at Horace High School will be part of an academy.