West Fargo Public Schools: The District of Choice


    Educating today's learners for tomorrow's world.


    West Fargo Public Schools prepares all learners with the knowledge and skills to be compassionate, contributing citizens in a rapidly changing world. We are dedicated to continuous improvement, engaging every student to become problem solvers and lifelong learners. Excellence is achieved through practices based in research, and by aligning all resources to support learning.

Our Student-Centered Learning Journey

  • West Fargo Public Schools (WFPS) has partnered with the North Dakota Department of Public Instruction (DPI) and KnowledgeWorks to strengthen our goal of shifting educational practices toward personalized, competency-based learning (PCBL). Over the course of the past year, district leaders have been working to clarify what PCBL means in our district. Part of that process was establishing our beliefs about education and vetting them through our principals, directors, coordinators, deans, teachers, and support staff:

    • Teaching is both an art and a science.
    • Learning is social and requires humans to interact for engagement.
    • Teacher-student relationships are crucial.
    • Learning opportunities must provide relevance, problem solving, and real-world experiences.
    • Guaranteed and viable curriculum is universally implemented throughout the district.  

    As we shift, we are looking to increase learner agency and help develop students who have internalized self-efficacy. We believe that students who take ownership of their learning and are engaged in the process are more likely to learn and achieve their goals. We believe this type of learner is what the future needs, and that a structure of school that supports our district mission to “Educate today’s learners for tomorrow’s world” is aligned to our values and beliefs.  We will do this by…

    • Increasing student choice opportunities that are articulated in the GVC and organically in the classroom.
    • Allowing students to demonstrate their learning in multiple ways.
    • Engaging students in higher levels and depth of knowledge and more creation
    • Increasing student voice by asking students for insight into their passions, thoughts, and reflections on the process.
    • Making a more deliberate connection to the purpose of learning. (I can … so I can…)
    • Providing staff and students with opportunities to learn about and implement strategies to promote mental wellness.
    • Providing students with enrichment opportunities.
    • Utilizing meaningful standards-based/referenced grading to provide students with meaningful, actionable feedback.
    • Fostering the development of the key dispositions outlined in the profile of a graduate.
    • Utilizing instructional tools that simplify the teaching and learning process.

    West Fargo Public Schools is growing in more ways than just enrollment. We are leading the state in shifting the old model of schooling into a model that will prepare today’s students for tomorrow’s world.