Elementary Intramurals

  • West Fargo Public Schools’ elementary schools offer after-school activities to engage students in a wide array of opportunities. This includes sports programs for 4th and 5th grade students as well as the potential for other programs for other grade levels.

    Elementary after school activities are to be supervised by a member of the host building’s professional/licensed staff, or by another West Fargo Public Schools professional/licensed staff member with approval from both the staff member’s building administrator and the host building’s administrator. A West Fargo Public Schools’ elementary administrator has the authority to enter into an Agreement for Contracted Services with an outside person or agency to provide after school programs for the building’s K-5 students. The service must address an unmet need for the student population by offering an opportunity that does not currently exist as an afterschool program.


  • All elementary intramural fees are $20.00 per activity. Payment can be made by submitting cash or a check to the school office or by paying online via MySchoolBucks.

Fit 4 Life

  • The “Fit for Life” program is an extension of the physical education program. It is a program that will enable your child to earn points by tracking these five key health behaviors (each health behavior is worth two points):

    • One hour of active play everyday
    • Eat five+ fruits and vegetables per day
    • Less than one hour of TV time, playing video games, or playing on the computer
    • No sugary drinks (focus on water and milk)
    • Do chores & brush your teeth twice a day

    Calendars will then be turned in on the first of each month (with a two day-grace period) to Mr. Dodd, Ms. Lehr, and Mrs. Beil. The master point chart will be placed in the hallway near the PE office. Please use the calendar on the other side. Check each health behavior completed each day. Please total the points (300-310 max points) at the end of the month, have it signed by a parent/guardian and turn in the calendar to a PE teacher in one of the first three days of the following month. The maximum points per day is 10.