HMS fosters an environment where:

    • Learners are empowered academically through a challenging standards-based educational program to pursue passions and interests in high school and beyond.
    • Educational excellence is created by using a variety of instructional strategies and activities to address the varied learning strengths of all our learners.
    • All learners can feel supported and safe emotionally, intellectually, and physically by creating a caring and nurturing environment.
    • We build positive personal characteristics such as tolerance, integrity, cooperation, honesty, and resiliency to build compassionate, contributing citizens
    • We establish values that will allow learners to act with thoughtfulness and compassion and encourage respect for individual differences that make each of us
    • unique.


    Heritage Middle School is set to open for 2020. The building shares a 92.8-acre site in northern Horace with Horace High School and has a preferred capacity of 810 and a maximum capacity of 910. The campus site is large enough that it could be expanded upon, if needed in the future, to 1,200 students.

    Heritage Middle School is home to the Heritage Hawks. Students from Deer Creek Elementary School, Horace Elementary School, and Legacy Elementary School go to Heritage Middle School and finish their educational career with the district at Horace High School (opening 2021).

    The building’s principals have included: Erin Spies (2019 – 2022) Michael Stecher (2022-Present).