• Respectful Use of Space in West Fargo Sports Arena

    As indicated in West Fargo Public Schools “Use of District Facilities for other than School Purposes – Guideline 9,” clients are expected to conduct activities and use the space(s) in a respectful and orderly manner. It is expected that all clients will show respect to the building, staff, equipment, and each other when utilizing the space for their contractual period.

    Specific examples of the expectations that need to be followed include, but are not limited to:

    • Requesting any necessary equipment or set-up needs at time of application and adhering to a contract once it has been created and signed

    • Appropriate adult supervision of all children and participants

    • Not impeding on other clients’ use of the space by arriving early, staying late, or invading any space that is in current use by another client

    • Occupying your designated space only for the time indicated on your contract - you cannot use any additional spaces or times than what is listed on your contract

    • Not climbing on chairs, tables, shelves, or other structures that may prove dangerous or cause damage to school property

    • Recognizing that a space is being used by another client and providing them a comfortable and respectful level of space and noise to have a positive experience

    • Not impeding on the building staff’s district and facility-level responsibilities

    • Keeping exterior and interior doors closed at all times

    • Using appropriate volume levels

    • Picking-up any equipment you have been approved for use

    • Addressing spills, messes, and damages in a timely manner and with appropriate action

    • Speaking to all building occupants in a respectful tone, without the use of derogatory, insulting, or hateful language

    • Respecting the requests and commands made by West Fargo Sports Arena Staff, including custodians, ice technicians, and concessions staff.



    Upon notification of a client’s misuse of space (including those mentioned above), the West Fargo Sports Arena will contact the client in question to discuss the issue. One warning will be given for the first infraction; any subsequent infractions will result in the loss of space for the remainder of the contractual period. As indicated in West Fargo Public Schools “Use of District Facilities for other than School Purposes – Guideline 4,” a client who violates the terms of the rental contract can also be denied future privileges at the discretion of the West Fargo Sports Arena