How do I book an event?



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How do I book an event?

Step 1: Submit a Rental Request 

    - Large Event Rental Requests (swim meets, timed events, swim team practices, etc.)

    - Birthday/ Private Party Rental Requests

    - Private Lane Rental (private coaching)

    - Dry Space Rentals (dryland training/ meeting rooms)


Step 2: (Large Event Rentals ONLY; All Others, Skip to Step 3)

Email your event schedule to the Facility Supervisor (

    - This schedule should include desired building access time, warmups, event start, breaks in the event, estimated end time, desired building closure time.


Step 3: Contract

The Facility Supervisor will draft a contract and send it to the requester's email. 

    - A rental request does not guarantee the requester the date or time stated in the request.


Step 4: Signing the Contract

The requester will be emailed a four-digit pin number. You will use this pin number to electronically sign the contract.

    - Only after a contract is signed is the requester guaranteed the event date and time.