The Hulbert Experience

  • Hulbert Aquatic Center is a state-of-the-art swimming facility and one of the best in the Upper Midwest. The facility is equipped with some of the most advanced equipment in the industry, including Neptune Benson’s Defender® Filtration system. This is not a traditional sand filter that requires hours of backwashing a month and can waste millions of gallons of water a year; the Defender® is a regenerative media filter. Instead of discharging thousands of gallons of water a minute to clean the filter, the Defender® has a self-contained cleaning process that does not discharge water on a daily basis. In addition to saving water, the Defender® takes up much less space, uses much less electricity, and has significantly superior filtration capabilities. The Defender® can filter down to 1 micron, compared to traditional sand filters that only filter down to about 25-50 microns.

    In addition to the first-class filtration, the Hulbert Aquatic Center is equipped with ETS Ultra Violet Water Treatment Systems. This system is designed to effectively kill common waterborne and chlorine-resistant contaminants such as Cryptosporidium and Giardia. Additional benefits of UV include improved water and air quality, which is achieved by the UV’s ability to constantly kill chloramines (the bad chlorine in the water and air).

    Hulbert Aquatic Center was designed with spectators in mind and created a seating environment that is an enjoyable experience while attending aquatic events. The facility has molded seating and a capacity for approximately 1,100 spectators and over 600 athletes. This includes several spaces that are fully ADA-compliant, and offer restrooms on both the floor level and spectator level. Spectators get immersed in the experience of events with a view of the full color 11x20’ video board in the competition arena and a secondary board in the lesson pool area. Both are fully integrated with a state-of-the-art Colorado Timing System. The two boards allow spectators to view results and highlights from any seat in the facility.

    This facility was designed to accommodate the district’s needs, as well as those of the community and beyond. Hulbert Aquatic Center is home to the West Fargo High School Packers, Sheyenne High School Mustangs, and West Fargo Horace High School Hawks for their boys’ and girls’ swimming and diving teams. Specially designed locker rooms allow the teams a secure place to keep their gear, as well as provide a place for team meetings. Beyond athletic space, the facility has classroom space for reservations and meetings. These classrooms have been designed with a divider wall to allow the room to be split into two smaller classrooms, accommodating multiple needs and events. Additional amenities of the facility include a large concession area, family locker rooms, and an observation room overlooking the lesson pool.

    While the facility is driven to host large regional and national competitive events, it also offers an outstanding swimming lesson and private lesson programs for the community. The entire Hulbert Aquatic Center staff is committed to continually creating engaging and innovative programming ideas to attract aquatic enthusiasts from around the region to Hulbert Aquatic Center.


Fun Facts

  • 3,930 cubic yards of concrete

    9,650 bricks and 74,250 blocks

    407 tons of steel

    4,670 square feet of glazing

    740 gallons of paint

    867,660 gallons of water in the pool, with over one million gallons including the pumps, piping, and surge tank