South Elementary School News

  • *Important Dates* 

    Monday, September 25 - Offsite Learning Day - No Students at school

    Tuesday, September 26 - Special Election for Bond Referendum, more information below

    Sept. 26 - Sept 29 - School Dress Up Days - more information below

    Wednesday, September 27 - Boy Scout Presentation during lunch

    Friday, October 6 - Dental Clinic

    Monday, October 7 - Dental Clinic

    Tuesday, October 10 - Girl Scout Presentation during lunch

    Thursday, October 12 - PTA Meeting - check the PTA page

    Monday, October 16  - Parent-Teacher Conferences & Book Fair

    Tuesday, October 17 - Parent-Teacher Conferences & Book Fair

    OffSite Learning Day

    Monday, September 25 all West Fargo students will learn from home for an Offsite Learning Day.  Grades 1 - 5 will have an assignment on their Ipads that they can complete before Monday, Kindergarten students will have a paper packet sent home for them to complete. Students will not meet online with their teachers on Monday as all teachers will be in training.  

    Community Referendum Vote

    In February 2022, the Board created a Long-Range Facilities Planning Taskforce to assess the district's facility needs over the next 5-10 years. The Taskforce recommended projects to address challenges like rising enrollment, equal facility standards, and enhanced safety. Facility improvements of this size require a special election.

    The special election will be on Tuesday, September 26th.  Every building in the district would see improvements if passed.

    Please consider joining us to learn more about this important election. More information can be found at

    As long as you are an eligible WFPS voter, you can vote at any of the six polling locations on September 26:

    • Westside Elementary School
    • Lutheran Church of the Cross
    • Rustad Recreation Center
    • Triumph West Church
    • Horace Lutheran Church
    • Harwood Community Center

     West Fargo Packer Bull LogoDress Up Days 

    Tuesday: Comfy Cozy Day - Wear your pajamas or comfy clothes

    Wednesday: Rainbow Day

    *Kindergarten - Red      *Gr 3 - Green 

    * Gr 1 - Orange             * Gr 4 - Blue

    * Gr 2 - Yellow               * Gr 5 - Purple

    Thursday: Character Day - Dress as your favorite superhero, book or movie character (school appropriate)

    Friday: School Spirit Day - WF Packers Green & White or South Stars Blue & Red

    Morning Programs

    Our morning programs started this week 8:00am - 8:30am.  Remember to have students enter through door #2 on 6th Ave.  They will select a wrist band for the activity they want to do that day. Once the wrist bands are gone for an activity they will need to choose something else, it is first come.   Students should go directly to that location and not go to their classroom or locker. They will be in that activity until the bell rings at 8:30, they cannot switch activities.  If a student chooses to go to the small playground they will need to wait outside until 8:15 when we have staff ready.  

     Blue and red lunch bagSchool Lunch & Milk Money

    Create your free account to conveniently view your student’s cafeteria purchases, check their balance, and securely pay for school meals, milk and yearbooks from anywhere.  Once you have logged in to your account you will see two separate pictures to make payments to School Cafeteria and School Store.  You choose the school cafeteria when you want to add money for your child to purchase breakfast and lunch at school.  The School Store is where you can pay for your child to have a carton of milk for the daily milk/snack break that students have in their classroom.  

    Breakfast $1.50/day

    Lunch $2.50/day

    Milk $40.00/1st trimester

    We do encourage families to submit an application for free or reduced meals which may entitle your children to free or reduced price meals. This is included in the registration forms but you can still apply if you didn't do it at that time.  These forms do need to be completed every year.  

    Boy/Girl Scouts

    North Dakota Century Code requires schools to allow “youth patriotic societies” access to students during school hours. This law means that representatives from groups like the Boy and Girl Scouts must be given the opportunity to speak with all students in grades K-5 within school hours. To ensure equitable access that does not take away from learning, each group will be given no more than five minutes to share about their organization. These presentations may be scheduled during class time, lunchtime, recess, or as part of an assembly that is already planned; the scheduling will be done at the principals’ discretion, in alignment with the legal requirements. We will have these groups present during lunchtime for each grade.  

    Boy Scout Presentation will be Wednesday, September 27

    Girl Scout Presentation will be Tuesday, October 10

    Schoolwide Title I Information

    Check these links for more information about our Title I program at South.  

    Join PTA PTA words
    Support South Elementary students and staff by becoming part of the PTA!   We encourage EVERYONE to join the South Elementary PTA. Parents, grandparents, teachers, community members; anyone interested in supporting education at South Elementary School. Be involved! Be heard! Be your students’ biggest fan!  By simply joining the South Elementary PTA, you are advocating on behalf of all children (including your own!) No additional commitment is required!  Members are invited to participate in 6 monthly meetings, receive meeting minutes, provide input on upcoming events sponsored by the PTA and get to know the teachers and families of South Elementary! 

    Join today at 





Weekly Announcements

  • West Fargo Public Schools creates and distributes numerous publications to students, staff, and families on a regular basis. West Fargo Kid-Ventures is a publication that is electronically distributed every month to K-5th grade families within West Fargo Public Schools.  You can find Kid-Ventures on the WFPS website under departments, public relations, advertising.  

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    • If your student is going to be absent, late for school or leaving early, please notify our office at 701-356-2100 or and also notify your classroom teacher(s).  It is helpful to notify both places in the event that the classroom teacher is not in that day.  
    • If you are changing your students after school plans, please contact the office before 2:00pm so we have time to notify the classroom teacher.  
    • If you have any phone or email changes, you can log into your parent portal account to update it.  
    • Semester one milk ($40) can be paid online at in the school fees section.  
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  • If you would like to join your child for lunch some day at school, starting October 1, please note the following guidelines:  

    • Parents need to call the office by 9:00am to let us know who is coming and what choice they want for lunch, 701-356-2100.
    • No outside fast food, pop or candy is allowed in the lunchroom.
    • Parents cannot be on the playground with their child.
    • Adult lunch is $4.00, payable by cash or check. We cannot take credit/debit cards at school.  
    • Parents eating lunch with their children can only take pictures of their own children.


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  •  Drop Off and Pick Up Procedures Clock

    8:00am - 8:30am - Drop off for breakfast at door #2 on 6th Ave. - Breakfast students only

    8:30am - First bell rings - All students who are parent drop off or walkers enter door #1 (students who aren't eating breakfast)

    8:40am - Tardy bell rings - students need to come to the office for a tardy slip

    3:10pm - School dismisses for all students

    • Please do not leave your vehicle unattended in the drop off zone.  If you need to walk into the school please use a parking space away from the drop off zone. 
    • When dropping off or picking up your child curb-side, please pull all the way forward along the curb so you are directly behind the vehicle in front of you. This will allow as many cars as possible in the lane at one time.
    • Do Not double park on the road
    • Make sure your child enters and exits the car on the sidewalk
    • Kindly reserve “handicap” designated parking spaces for those displaying a handicap permit in their vehicle. It’s the law!
    • Thank you for helping ensure our students remain safe and drop-off and pick up times runs smoothly.
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