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  • Ready for Summer!

    Posted by Carol Zent on 6/1/2020

    Dear Horace Elementary Community,

    Thank you so much for your patience and understanding as we have adjusted during the past three months to the drastic changes in learning. I am extremely appreciative of our students, parents, teachers, and staff, for their positivity, flexibility, and resilience during these historical times.

    Thank you for another wonderful and productive school year.  I cannot thank parents enough for your endless hours of volunteering, chaperoning, reading, organizing, donating, and doing whatever was necessary to support students—both at home and at school.  Special thanks to our PTO who, as usual, went above and beyond the call of duty to provide whatever was necessary to add to our students’ already rich school experience.

    That experience could not occur without the endless energy, skills, and devotion of the Horace Elementary staff.  Thanks, and well done to an incredible group of professionals.

    A final word to our students:  Thank you for all your hard work throughout the school year.  I am so honored to be your principal; you make me proud to be a Horace Hornet.  I am grateful for your joy, insights, and amazing talents.  Best wishes to our fifth graders, whom I will miss greatly—please come back and visit.  Everyone, please have a safe and happy summer break.


    Mrs. Zent


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  • Smartwatches can be a distraction in the classroom. From social media to texting, allowing digital devices could hinder a student’s performance in the classroom. Therefore we ask all students and parents not to text or call using the smartwatch during school hours. If a student uses the watch to text or call, we will ask them to keep the watch in their locker. If it happens again, we will keep it in the office. Thank you for your understanding.

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  • Contact Information   

    Principal - Carol Zent

    Counselor - Lyndsey Simonson

    Administrative Assistant - Sue Sundlie

    Phone Number: (701) 356-208

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  • Save your child's work in Seesaw before it disappears!

    Seesaw – please send this link to families and/or post to Seesaw so families can save their child’s work:


    We have learned that once our students are archived and no longer active in Seesaw, parents have about 60 days to download and save their child’s work. After students are no longer active in a Seesaw class, the accounts may not be available. Accounts do stay active for our K – 4 who stay in our system; however, it’s still a good idea that parents capture the items they find valuable. I recommend posting this alert in Seesaw and possibly email your families so they can capture their student work before they move to the next grade.

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School-Based Sealant Program

  • Seal! North Dakota School-Based Fluoride Varnish and Dental Sealant Program

    In 2012, The North Dakota Department of Health (NDDoH) implemented the Seal! North Dakota School-Based Fluoride Varnish and Dental Sealant Program. The dentist and/or dental hygienist visit each school two times a year (fall and spring), to provide direct preventive services. Services include: oral health education, dental exam/screening, teeth cleaning, dental sealants and fluoride varnish application. A parent/guardian signed consent form is required to participate in the Seal! North Dakota Program.

    Any student who does not already have a regular dentist may sign up if they have a completed and signed parent/guardian consent form. A result sheet (what the child had done), toothbrush, floss, and a small prize will be provided to each child that is seen. Maple Family Dental will be providing the services at your school; watch for more information to come!

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