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  • Please see the presentation for an update on our construction.

    Posted by Carol Zent on 9/24/2021
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  • Who is your teacher??

    Posted by Carol Zent on 8/12/2021

    All West Fargo elementary students will receive a letter from the school district informing them of their child's teacher. These letters will be mailed on Monday, August 16. Please watch your mail as these letters will also have valuable information about Back-to-School Night. If you haven't received your letter by Thursday, August 19, the Horace office will then be able to accept inquiry phone calls.

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  • Attention Kindergarten Parents

    Posted by Carol Zent on 8/12/2021

    Kindergarten students and a parent will each meet with their classroom teacher for a 45-minute assessment before they start school. You will get an email on August 18 to schedule an appointment. You will have a one-on-one meeting with the teacher in the classroom and each student will have a short reading assessment with our reading teacher. The assessment days will be Thursday, August 26, Friday, August 27, and Monday, August 30. All, kindergarten students will begin daily classes on Tuesday, August 31.

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  • STAR™ assessments will be given to students in the next month.

    STAR™ assessments are used to monitor student growth throughout the year, to estimate students’ understanding of state standards, and predict students’ performance on the state test. In addition, STAR can help teachers determine appropriate instructional levels and skills that students are ready to learn.

    STAR tests are designed to be as efficient as possible. On average, students will complete the STAR Math test in about 20 minutes, and the STAR Reading test in about 15 minutes. However, some students may require more time. 

    You can help your child prepare for the tests by encouraging your child to try to do his or her best on the assessment. Since STAR is a general measure of student ability in math or reading, students perform best on the assessment in the same way they perform best in school—when they have had plenty of rest, attend school regularly, and have eaten.

    Your child's teacher will share the results of their fall tests with you during parent-teacher conferences in October. Students will take the assessments on their iPads in the classroom.

    If your child will absent be on one or both days, they will be able to take them when they return. Please contact me if you have any questions regarding these assessments. Carol Zent, Principal

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  • contact info

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  • ipad rules

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  • iPad Care

    Carefully transport your iPad to school every day. Do not put your water bottle inside your backpack unless you know for certain it is leak proof. Avoid placing weight on the iPad. Never throw or slide an iPad. Never expose an iPad to long-term temperature extremes or direct sunlight. An automobile is not a good place to store an iPad. 

    iPad Case

    Your iPad comes with a school-issued case. The purpose of the case is to protect the iPad, especially while the iPad is being transported. When not in use, closing the iPad case will save battery life and protect the screen. The iPad must remain in a protective case at all times. No stickers or any other items should be attached to the iPad itself unless placed there by school staff.

     iPad Battery

    The iPad should be charged using the provided wall charger. Fully charged iPad batteries will typically last 12 – 15 hours of use. Waiting to charge the iPad until the charge is low (less than 20% life or red indicator light) will extend the battery life. It is your responsibility to charge the iPad and ensure it is ready for use in school each day. Failure to do so may result in your inability to participate in classroom learning activities.

     iPad Screen

    The iPad is an electronic device; handle it with care. Never throw a book bag that contains an iPad. Never place an iPad in a book bag that contains food, liquids, heavy, or sharp objects. While the iPad is scratch-resistant, it is not scratch proof. Avoid using any sharp object(s) on the iPad. The iPad screen is glass and vulnerable to cracking. Never place heavy objects on top of the iPad and never drop your iPad. Careful placement in your backpack is important.

     IPads do not respond well to liquids. Avoid applying liquids to the iPad. The iPad can be cleaned with a soft, slightly water-dampened, lint-free cloth. Avoid getting moisture in the openings. Do not use window cleaners, household cleaners, aerosol sprays, solvents, alcohol, ammonia, or abrasives to clean the iPad. The use of unapproved cleaners may remove the protective film covering the face of the iPad.

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  • covid information

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  • For information on how we will make decisions regarding symptoms and in-person school attendance, see the following documents.

    COVID-19 School Exclusion Guidance Decision Tree

    COVID-19 Symptom Comparison

    COVID-19 Flowsheet


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  • Smartwatches can be a distraction in the classroom. From social media to texting, allowing digital devices could hinder a student’s performance in the classroom. Therefore we ask all students and parents not to text or call using the smartwatch during school hours. If a student uses the watch to text or call, we will ask them to keep the watch in their locker. If it happens again, we will keep it in the office. Thank you for your understanding.

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     SCHOOL HOURS - 7:50-2:30

    • When dropping off or picking up your child, please pull forward as much as possible in the lane nearest to the curb so we can get as many cars as possible in the lane at one time.

    • Please do not leave your vehicle unattended in the loop.  If you need to meet your child at the door, please use a parking space.

    • Kindly reserve the handicap designated parking spaces for those displaying the appropriate permit in their vehicles.

    • Remember that we do provide supervision at 7:30 am as well as after school in the drive-thru loop area.  Parents do not need to enter the building to walk students to class in the morning or when meeting them at the end of the day.

    • Remember to SLOW DOWN when school is in session. 

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  • We are a local Parent Teacher Organization that is organized by interested parents and teachers. All parents are automatic members and are welcome at monthly PTO meetings where we plan a variety of special events, appreciation gifts, and other activities that benefit the staff and students.

    We want to find out more about you and see if you'd be interested in getting involved. Thank you in advance for filling out this survey.


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  • update

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