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  • The YMCA will be open on November 27th at our Freedom location. The Y program will be closed on Thanksgiving day. The Y program will be held at our Schlossman location on November 29th for a combined school out day.


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  • November 18-22-American Education Week Dress Up Days
    Monday: Hat's off to a Good Education -  FavoriteHat Day
    Tuesday: We Are A Family of Learners - Favorite College Shirt/Colors
    Wed: Grantley Day! - Super Hero shirt/outfit or Grantley (orange) shirts
    Thursday: Saddle Up to Always Learn New Things - Mustang Day - Orange and Blue
    Friday: Flyer Pride - Red, White, Blue

    Dress Up Days


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  • music

    2019-2020 Freedom Elementary Music Program Dates

    All programs will be at 8:30 am in the gym

    Grade Level

    Program Date


    2nd Grade

    Friday, December 13th

    (All Classes)

    3rd Grade

    Thursday, March 12th

    (All Classes)

    1st Grade

    Thursday, April 2nd

    Greening, Vos, Kehrberg

    1st Grade

    Friday, April 3rd

    Lee, Tibbetts


    Friday, April 24th

    (All classes)

    5th Grade

    Friday, May 8th

    (All classes)




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  • MySchoolBucks - Pay for Lunch and Snack time Milk

    MySchoolBucks can now be used to pay for Lunch and Milk at snack.  Please go to MySchoolBucks app or use on your mobile application to add money for lunch and pay for Milk at snack if appropriate.  You can pay for second semester milk if you have not done so.


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  • At the beginning of the year, West Fargo Public Schools communicated to families regarding school safety procedures. We encourage all families to review the School Emergency Information for Parents/Guardians.


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  • Please review our morning and afternoon procedures to ensure that all students, staff, and families arrive and depart safely from our school.


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  • Winter has arrived a little early with snow and rain, and we want to remind our students to dress for the weather!    REMINDER:  All students must have winter clothing including boots, hats, coats, snow pants and gloves/mittens when they are outside for recess.  We will be outside unless the temperature or wind chill is colder than -15 degrees (15 degrees below 0).  Please be sure to send your student(s) with their winter gear each day. Click below for more information on what to send with your student to stay warm and dry!



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  • Please click below to learn about tips and events going on from our Counselor - including Fill The Dome information

    Currently we are offering a grief group - Grief Monster Grief Group - see more on Counselor page

    Counselor Page


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  • Getting to School on time

    Classroom instruction starts at 8:10 am - students should be in their seats in the classroom at this time. Students should arrive no later than 8:00 am to allow time to put away items in lockers, say hi to friends and teachers before they need to be in their seats for attendance. Students arriving after 8:10 am are considered tardy and miss out on a productive start for themselves and other students. We appreciate your assistance in getting students to school on time.



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  • SARB       Why is SARB/School attendance Important?            

    Please call 701-356-5221 or email freedom@west-fargo.k12.nd.us

    the Freedom office to inform when your student will be absent

    Types of attendance:

    • Illness
    • Vacation
    • Funeral
    • Sporting events
    • Doctor/Dentist/Orthodontist appointments

    It is helpful to inform the office of the type of attendance so that it can be coded in Power School properly.  Funeral, for example, would not count against the student's attendance for the year. 

    Also if you bring in doctor/dentist/orthodontist note this can also be coded to medical and would not count against attendance for the year.

    Thank you for assisting our office in recording attendance correctly!


    What is SARB?

    School Attendance Review Board (SARB) is composed of representatives from various youth-serving agencies to help truant or recalcitrant students and their parents or guardians solve attendance problems through the use of available school and community resources.

    What is chronic absenteeism?

    A student is chronically absent if he or she misses school 10 percent of the time or more for any reason.

    Why is school attendance important?

    Research shows school absences can have a lasting impact on learning. One study on third grade reading level found the following:

    • Chronically absent children gained 14 percent fewer literacy skills in kindergarten than those who attended more regularly.
    • For students chronically absent in both kindergarten and first grade, only 17 percent scored proficient.
    • Only 64 percent of third grade students who missed nine days or fewer in both kindergarten and first grade were reading at grade level.
    • Only 43 percent of third graders who missed more than nine days both years were reading at grade level.
    • Only 41 percent of students who were absent 18 or more days in either kindergarten or first grade could read at grade level. (chronic absence)
    • Of the students who missed 18 or more days in consecutive years, only 17 percent were reading at grade level. (chronic absence)

     According to a Utah study

    • On average, being chronically absent in one grade increased the odds of being chronically absent in the next grade by nearly thirteen times.
    • A student who was chronically absent in any year, starting in the 8th grade, was 7.4 times more likely to drop out of school than a student who was not chronically absent during any of those year.




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  • Freedom Elementary is a schoolwide Title I school.

    Each year, the administration and staff meet to review the school’s data to determine a focus for goals and activities for the upcoming school year. Information is collected from various sources including, but not limited to, parent, staff and student surveys, demographic data, achievement data, program data and perception data. This is all compiled to review and make decisions. These plans are laid out in continuous improvement goals that Freedom Elementary staff will work on throughout the upcoming school year.

    The following goals are our focus for the 2019-2020 school year.

    1. Empower students to continuously improve and connect 21st Century skills and academic proficiency.
    2.  Graduate lifelong learners who have found their passions and are ready to contribute to society.
    3.  Provide nurturing and safe learning environments to develop student social, emotional and physical well-being.

    Through federal education law, parents have the right to request information on the professional qualifications of the teachers and paraprofessionals at our school. If you are interested in learning this information, please contact the school administration office at 701-356-5221. Upon this request, you will receive a detailed explanation of the licensing, education, and experience of each of our teachers. You will also receive information regarding the names and qualifications of the paraprofessionals at our school(s).




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District News & Updates

  • Student Success Forum: Mental Health

    West Fargo Public Schools, Justin’s Break the Silence, and AM 1100 The Flag WZFG are pleased to co-host the second of four forums geared toward sharing information on the hot-button issues impacting our youth today. The keynote for the evening is Jeff Yalden, a renowned speaker highly regarded as North America’s number one teen mental health speaker, consultant, expert witness, and advocate on mental health and suicide. The forum is scheduled for Thursday, December 5 from 7:00PM - 8:30PM at the Dakota Medical Foundation.

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Important Dates

  • Upcoming Events - Scroll to bottom of page for full calendar

    Nov 12-22 - Collect for Fill the Dome
    Nov 18-22-American Education Week Dress Up Days
    Wed Nov 20: Grantley Day! - Super Hero or Grantley Shirt
    Thursday Nov 21: Mustang Day - Orange and Blue
    Friday Nov 22: Flyer Pride - Red, White, Blue
    Nov 20 - Grade 5 Field trip to Plains Art Museum
    Nov 25 - Self Managers Fill the Dome event
    Nov 26 - Comfy Cozy Day
    Nov 27-29 - No School for Thanksgiving Break
    Dec 13 - Grade 2 Music Program


     Volleyball: Grades 3-5: Nov 19,21


Forms & Flyers

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Notes from Dr. Johnson

  • Activities to Reinforce Math Skills

    Posted by Allison Schmitz on 11/18/2019
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  • From Dr. Johnson - Attendance

    Posted by Allison Schmitz on 10/4/2019
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  • From Dr. Johnson - Executive Function Skills

    Posted by Allison Schmitz on 9/5/2019
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School-Based Sealant Program

  • Seal! North Dakota School-Based Fluoride Varnish and Dental Sealant Program

    In 2012, The North Dakota Department of Health (NDDoH) implemented the Seal! North Dakota School-Based Fluoride Varnish and Dental Sealant Program. The dentist and/or dental hygienist visit each school two times a year (fall and spring), to provide direct preventive services. Services include: oral health education, dental exam/screening, teeth cleaning, dental sealants and fluoride varnish application. A parent/guardian signed consent form is required to participate in the Seal! North Dakota Program.

    Any student who does not already have a regular dentist may sign up if they have a completed and signed parent/guardian consent form. A result sheet (what the child had done), toothbrush, floss, and a small prize will be provided to each child that is seen. Maple Family Dental will be providing the services at your school; watch for more information to come!

Upcoming Events