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  • March is Music in our Schools Month!
    This week we asked 4th graders this question…see if you can guess the correct answer!
    “What specific instrument family does the recorder belong to?”
    Answer: Woodwind 
    These Grade 4 winners received castanets:
    Regner- Olivia T.
    Kotzbacher- Elijah E.
    Antonoplos- Landen S.

     Be sure to check out the display by the music room of all of the Aurora Staff members who made music a part of their lives by being involved in Choir, Orchestra & Band!

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  • March is Music in our Schools Month!
    This week we asked 3rd graders this question… see if you can guess the correct answer!
     ”What was the fastest tempo you sang at your music program?”
     Answer: Presto (very Fast)
    These Grade 3 winners received glow in the dark egg shakers:
    Thorstad- Gavin F.
    Becher- Cashton S.
    Saarion- Vanessa K.
    Saxlund- Kathryn G.

    Be sure to check out the display by the music room of all of the Aurora Staff members who made music a part of their lives by being involved in Choir, Orchestra & Band!

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  • March is Music in our Schools Month!
    We will be celebrating at Aurora by having a trivia question every week and winners will receive musical instruments! This week we asked 1st graders to fill in the blank… see if you can guess the correct answer!

    “In music, the bigger the instrument the __________ the sound.”

    These Grade 1 winners received Thunder Stix:
    Kratcha- Ryan H.
    Nerby- Noel S.
    Bucholz- Aubrey B.
    Tiedeman- Ryker S.

    Be sure to check out the display by the music room of all of the Aurora Staff members who made music a part of their lives by being involved in Choir, Orchestra & Band!

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  • Dress-Up Day at Aurora!

     WHEN: Friday March 22nd

    THEME: Dress like your favorite superhero day!!!

    WHY: Myles Allen’s favorite superhero is Ironman so in honor of this special day we are going to support him in dressing like a superhero!!

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  • Celebrate Youth Art Month

    Fifteen Aurora All Stars have the honor of displaying their artwork at the Plains Art Museum as part of the School Spirit: Celebrating Art Youth Month exhibition.  A special reception will be held to honor these All Star Artists.  Please consider joining us for art, refreshments, music, and more at the Plains Art Museum on Sunday, March 3 from 1:00-3:00 PM. Congratulations Artists!

     Kindergarten- Jade N.
    1st Grade- Kamryn A, Hadley L
    2nd Grade- Madison W, April F, Natalie S
    3rd Grade- Adriella N, Embry T
    4th Grade- Dannica F
    5th Grade- Ava W (5J), Gaby M, Allison T, Cole D, Morgan K, Kameron B

    Artsonia Art Gallery

    Check out your student’s art portfolio on our Artsonia gallery! Follow the link below. We have uploaded lots of fabulous creations so far this year. Encourage your family and friends to become members of your student’s fan club. We love your positive comments and feedback!

    Email Mrs. Puetz with any questions.


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  • Please use sign up link below to volunteer for our upcoming benefit for Myles!
    Event date: Friday March 22nd at Aurora Elementary

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  • Parent Teacher Conferences

    Parent Teacher Conferences will be held March 11th and 12th from 4:00-7:30 PM.  Please login to the website and schedule your conference time.  You can call the school office at 701-356-2130 if you have any questions or need assistance scheduling conferences. 

    Remember that we schedule one conference, for both parents to attend, per child due to limited time spots available. Conferences last a maximum of 15-minutes. We look forward to seeing you at conferences!

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  • Parent Drop-Off & Pick-Up Reminders:

    • When dropping off or picking up your child curb-side, please pull forward so you are directly behind the vehicle in front of you. This will allow as many cars as possible in the lane at one time.
    • Please do not leave your vehicle unattended in the loop. If you need to walk in or meet your child at the door, please use a parking space and be sure to use the designated crosswalk near the front doors.
    • Kindly reserve “handicap” designated parking spaces for those displaying a handicap permit in their vehicle. It’s the law!

    Thank you for helping ensure our students remain safe and drop-off and pick up time runs smoothly.

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  • Volunteer Application

    All volunteers in the West Fargo Public Schools must complete a “Volunteer Application and Background Check Authorization” prior to their first volunteer experience. The link to our Volunteer Application, along with various forms and information, are available on the district’s web page. West Fargo’s homepage is at . Go to Families/Volunteer Procedures.

    Generally, as a volunteer, you will only need to complete this online application form and undergo a background check one time per school year, prior to the beginning of your service. If your volunteer roles vary considerably in nature, you may be asked to complete additional background check procedures. This may be the case when the volunteer role takes on additional responsibility for supervision of/interaction with students.

    You will complete the Volunteer Application and Background Check Authorization online at the District’s Website, under Families/Volunteer Procedures. Your application will then be processed by the Human Resources Office. Some volunteer positions may require a background check that includes a fingerprinting process. Human Resources personnel will contact you if this additional step is required for your background check, and will give you further instruction if needed. The Human Resources Department will conduct the appropriate background check, review the results and will hold all results in a confidential file at the district office

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  • FROYO                                                                    

    Each week, students can enjoy a frozen Gogurt on Friday if they bring in $1.  If your child is interested, have them bring $1 to their teacher by the end of the day Thursday.   The money goes towards our fabulous PTO to help pay for field trips!  If you have any questions, please contact Sheena King at: 

    Thank you,

    Aurora PTO & the 5th grade team

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  • Aurora 2018-2019 Music Programs
    All Programs start at 8:30 am
    Grade 4 - Friday, November 9th
    Grade 2 - Wednesday, December 12th
    Grade 3 - Wednesday, March 6th
    Grade 5 - Tuesday, April 16th
    Kindergarten - Tuesday, April 30th
    Grade 1 - Wednesday, May 8th

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  • Cooler Weather is Here!

    As cooler temps set in please remember to dress your child appropriately. A winter jacket, snowpants, boots, hat & gloves will ensure they are warm when outside. Thank You!



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  • Homework Room
    Homework Room will begin September 7 from 7:30AM-8:00AM in Mrs. King’s room (401).

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  • phone Leaving Messages for Teachers and Students
    Please make the end of the day plans with your children before school. If your child is not following their normal “end of the day” routine, please send a note to the school. Students and teachers cannot be paged to take telephone calls during the school hours except in an emergency. If it is an emergency (please state the exact emergency to the office staff) call the office by 1:00 pm. This guarantees students are optimizing their time with as few interruptions as possible. Thank you for your help.

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Forms & Flyers

School-Based Sealant Program

  • Seal! ND School-Based Fluoride Varnish and Dental Sealant Program

    In 2012, The North Dakota Department of Health, Oral Health Program (OHP) implemented the Seal! ND School-based Fluoride Varnish and Dental Sealant Program. Public health dental hygienists visit schools two times a year (fall and spring) and provide direct preventive services, under standing orders of a dentist which include: oral health education, a screening, dental sealant and fluoride varnish application. A parent/guardian signed consent form is required to participate in the Seal! ND fluoride varnish and dental sealant program.

    Services are provided to schools that are recognized as being in need by the North Dakota Department of Public Instruction (DPI). Students attending pre-kindergarten through 12th grade (depending upon the school) with parent/guardian consent are eligible to receive the free oral health services. A goody bag consisting of a result sheet (what the child had done), toothbrush, toothpaste and floss will be provided to each child that is seen. In the West Fargo area, Maple Family Dental will be providing the services. Watch for more information to come!

District News & Updates

  • Online Registration

    Online registration is coming to West Fargo Public Schools! Look for further details and communications to be sent to families later this spring as we prepare for implementing the process for next year.

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  • High School & Middle School Names

    At the March 11 regularly-scheduled meeting, the School Board voted 6 - 1 in favor of naming the district's third middle school Heritage Middle School. The new middle school will open for the 2020-2021 school year and will serve students from Legacy Elementary School, Horace Elementary School, and Deer Creek Elementary School. Heritage Middle School will be located at 6350 76th Ave S, Horace, ND 58047. The School Board also voted 4 - 3 in favor of naming the district's third high school West Fargo Horace High School. The new high school will open for the 2021-2022 school year and will serve students from Heritage Middle School. The official address for Horace High School is to be determined, but it will be within the city limits of Horace, on the same campus as Heritage Middle School.

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  • Momo Challenge

    The Momo challenge is the latest online ‘challenge' that has understandably caused many parents concern. Although there have been lots of media stories in the last week, there is no verified evidence that this ‘challenge’ has caused harm to children, and more recent investigations have found it to be fake news. Despite this, it is clear that it is causing distress among parents and children.

    The Momo character — the disfigured face attached to a bird’s body — was, in fact, a prop named ‘Mother Bird’ made in Japan three years ago for an art exhibition. It was claimed that the Momo challenge was ‘played’ over WhatsApp. The Momo character allegedly asked would-be participants to contact ‘her’ and do a series of challenges — the final challenge being suicide. 

    Although the Momo challenge is now being reported as a hoax, the reports, warnings, and disturbing images could still cause distress to children. It’s important that parents talk to their children about it. The best way to start is to ask a general question about whether they have seen anything online that upset or worried them. Explain that there are often things that happen online that can be misleading or frightening and that some things are designed to get a lot of attention. Parents need to follow their child’s lead — introducing a worrying subject to a child who isn’t familiar with it might lead them to investigate. On the other hand, avoiding mentioning it won’t provide a chance for a good discussion. Take your child’s lead and whatever you decide about overtly talking about these kinds of topics, make sure that they know that contacting strangers and doing anything at all that they are asked to do online or off that makes them feel scared, worried or uncomfortable is not OK.

    There are many great online resources available; here are three of our favorites: Common Sense Media, NetSmartz, and ParentZone.  

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  • Kindergarten Preregistration

    West Fargo Public Schools will hold kindergarten preregistration from 4:00PM - 7:00PM on Monday, March 25 and Tuesday, March 26.

    With the exception of Deer Creek Elementary School, all families go to their neighborhood school to preregister. Deer Creek Elementary School families should preregister at Legacy Elementary School.

    Each registered child must provide a copy of a current immunization record and proof of identity (birth certificate, visa, I-94, or other government-issued ID). Preregistration is still possible without these documents.

    Children must be five years old on, or before, July 31, 2019 to attend kindergarten in 2019-2020.

    If you do not know which school your child will attend, enter your address online at Preregistration is an opportunity for parents to complete the necessary paperwork; students need not attend. Students and families will be invited back to meet staff and tour the schools at August's Back to School Night.

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  • New Middle School & High School Transition Plan

    At the February 11 School Board meeting, the Board approved the grade level transition plan recommended by the Strategic Transition task force:

    • 6th-9th grade students to attend the new middle school in 2020-2021
    • 9th-10th grade students at the new high school in 2021-2022, 9th-11th grade students in 2022-2023, and 9th-12th grade students in 2023-2024
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