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  • Osgood Elementary is a schoolwide Title I school.    Each year, the administration and staff meet to review the school’s data to determine a focus for goals and activities for the upcoming school year.  Information is collected from various sources including, but not limited to, parent, staff and student surveys, demographic data, achievement data, program data and perception data.    This is all compiled to review and make decisions.    These plans are laid out in continuous improvement goals that Osgood Elementary staff will work on throughout the upcoming school year.   The following goals are our focus for the 2022-2023 school year.

    Osgood Elementary Schoolwide Goals


    Goal 1:   Wellness – 90% of learners will receive a 3 or higher on their approaches to learning by May 2023

    Goal 2:   Academic – 85% of learners will gain one year growth on the BAS by May 2023

    Goal 3:  Academic – 75% of learners will show growth an SGP of 35 or higher on STAR Math by May 2023

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