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    HELLO PARENTS!   We want to thank you for your patience and understanding while we navigate unchartered territory!  With many decisions still left to be made, we know you are anxious to have answers to your questions.  We are too!  One thing that we do know is that students and staff will be wearing masks during the school hours.  We would like your child to practice wearing their mask/face covering for longer periods of times.  Even though they may do fine wearing into a grocery store, they may not be prepared to wear it for most of the school day.  Please start now, with small chunks of time and work up to longer ones.  The transition back to school will go much smoother if the students are accustomed to wearing their masks!  Thank you!!!

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    You can now find our PTO on the Box Top app!!   You can scan receipts to earn box top rewards for Deer Creek!   The PTO has voted to set a goal to earn $1,000 in box top money this year.  We want to use that money to purchase a large popcorn maker for future events.   Help us by filling up our popcorn box!  Each kernel represents $50.  Every clipped box top and scanned receipt helps! 

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