School Attendance Zones

  • West Fargo Public Schools' policy dictates that each student should attend school in the attendance area within the school district as determined by their address.

    Exceptions requested by parents may be granted after consultation between the parents of the student(s) involved and appropriate administrative staff. West Fargo Public Schools reserves the authority to transfer students from the assigned school to a different school when enrollment must be balanced because of classroom space requirements or class size.

Attendance Zone Changes

  • In a district that is as dynamic and growing as West Fargo Public Schools, it is necessary to review school attendance zones periodically. This periodic review helps to assure reasonable balance in student enrollment, limit the impact of demographic changes, and monitor/maintain similar class and school sizes when possible. 

    The superintendent typically facilitates a collaborative committee comprised of parents, administrators, and School Board members to address the challenges presented by the district's growth and addition of new schools when considering major boundary adjustments. The goal of the committee is to craft boundaries that will serve the largest area for the longest time possible. However, with such dynamic growth, West Fargo Public Schools acknowledges that there is no such thing as a permanent boundary line.  

Freedom / Independence

  • Effects for 2022-2023

    All kindergarten learners will attend kindergarten at Independence Elementary School.

    All first, second, and third grade learners living north of 28th Avenue South will attend Freedom Elementary School.

    All first, second, and third grade learners living south of 28th Avenue South will attend Independence Elementary School.

    All fourth and fifth grade learners in this area will attend Freedom Elementary.